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The Address Hotel - Dubai, UAE

Comfortable, Sytlish and Elegant


The Address Hotel Dubai, one of the properties of Emaar Hospitality Group, is a five star luxury hotel located at the hub of Downtown Dubai. It is located near Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest tower), The Dubai Fountains, and The Dubai Mall (world’s largest shopping center.)

First Impression/Lobby: When we first arrived at the The Address Dubai, we were immediately greeted by the hotel staff. The bellboy quickly helped us by taking our luggage and led us to the lobby. At the reception area, it took few minutes before we were entertained by the agent. But it was okay because it gave us enough time to check out the lobby area. With its soft neutral colors, chic lamps, funky curved walls and stylish flower arrangements; the lobby was very elegant, comfortable, and upscale all at the same time. The lobby really had the impression of a first class hotel lobby.

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Reception: The reception of the hotel was very impressive as well. After the agent became free, we were immediately checked in to our room and the hotel staff accompanied us to the elevators and to our Premier Room located on the 9th floor.

The Room: The Premier Room we booked was situated with a view of downtown Dubai with its roads, vacant sand lots and tall skyscraper. Not very impressive! Our 70 square meter room had a very stylish interior yet it provided a warm atmosphere. The spacious room had interesting warm colors, with a combination of auburn, cream, red, and brown hues for the interior.

Included in the room was the spacious bathroom which was made from marble and had mosaic accents around the room. The clean and comfortable bathroom had two stylish sinks, a deep soaking tub, private toilet stall, and roomy shower stall. A window with closeable shutter was placed between the main room and the bathroom which created an illusion of more space for the whole area.

Our room also had a balcony that overlooked the view of the city. However, the view as mentioned earlier, was far from impressive and paired with the high Dubai heat made the balcony go unused during our stay.

Other amenities of the Premier Room in The Address Dubai hotel were the flat screen television, iPod docking station, and an extra table and chair adjacent to the wall. All in all, our room at The Address Dubai was perfect for our short stay in Dubai.

Room Service: We only stayed at The Address Dubai hotel for one night so there were only limited opportunities for us to experience the room service. However, we were able to look at the menu and it had several dishes to offer, but it was not as extensive as we expected. Nonetheless, we were able to find a few delicious items for our late night snack. The delivery of the food was on time and the order was accurate. Our order of a club sandwich was on par with what you would get at any five-star or luxury hotel.

Housekeeping: Even if we were only at the hotel for a night, we had noticed the fantastic job of the hotel’s housekeeping service did. The room was perfect upon our arrival and the evening’s turndown service was completed just as perfectly.

Concierge: The concierge service of The Address Dubai hotel was available for 24 hours. We found it very helpful especially when we asked for some suggestions to where to go for a casual lunch and they suggested Armani Café, which turned out to be bombastic!

Restaurants: The Address Dubai hotel had eight restaurants and bar lounges within the hotel, offering up everything from Asian, Arabic and International to Lebanese and Latin inspired restaurants. Easily said, there was something for everyone!

Pool/Spa/Activities: The pool area was very cool with modern and trendy seats around the area. Although the whole pool area was big and had a lot of seating, the place was almost always packed and it seemed like finding a free space was impossible.

On the other hand, the Spa of The Address Dubai hotel was used for ultimate relaxation of the residents and guests of the hotel. The Spa had several treatment rooms, steam and aroma rooms, and a fitness center. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to try their spa services because, again, we had little time to spare.

Check-Out: Just like our short stay in the hotel, the check-out process of The Address Dubai hotel was quick, professionally handled, and completed without hassle for both guests and staff.

Overall Impression: The Address Dubai hotel was a chic, trendy, comfortable, and luxurious five star hotel that offered only the best and top-notch hotel service one would never forget.

Rating: Bombastic!

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