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Six Senses Resort Ninh Van Bay - Nha Trang City, Vietnam | Resort Review

A beautiful location housing a mediocre five-star resort.


Six Senses in Vietnam is nestled in the beautiful Con Dao group of islands in south-east Vietnam. Flanked by mountain-ranges and a long white-sand beach which offers natural seclusion and privacy, the Six Senses in Vietnam was a getaway that we were impatient to discover for ourselves.

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First Impression: Being situated on an island all by itself, it took us an hour’s drive from the Nha Trang airport to the boat. We had another trip of half an hour’s boat ride to reach island. We had a representative of the Six Senses in Vietnam meet us and escort us and our luggage to the car, as we had booked for transportation with the boat ride. Here we were given wet towels and water. At the boat, we were seated in an area with TV and were plied with more wet towels and water.

Reception: The reception at the Six Senses in Vietnam was lukewarm at best. Being bogged with the exhaustion of having traveled the whole day, we were eager for some lunch. The main restaurant we stopped at was quite primitive and we were in for the unpleasant experience of having to play dumb charades with the waitress because of her lack of communication skills in English. Needless to say, we proved to be bad at the game and our first round of orders came in all wrong!

The Suite: We had booked the Presidential Villa which was located on a private stretch of the island. Access to it required either a short boat-ride or a 15-minute cart-ride through the jungle. We opted for the boat ride and were distraught at finding how primitive our rooms were. Made of two villas, the Presidential Suite at the Six Senses in Vietnam had a master bedroom with a bathroom and a tiny living room with a second bath. The living room looked as though it had been used as a second bedroom and the day-bed here proved to be small and the only place to sit down in the room. The rooms were all made of wood-panels and were rustic in appearance. The bed was made of white duvet and pillows and had a small table near the side to have meals at.

The bathroom was very pretty and had a rustic charm and an old-fashioned bathtub made of wood which overlooked a gorgeous view of the sea as it was placed near a large glass window. The bathroom at the Six Senses in Vietnam also had a steam-room with shower, but when I stepped into the shower, I soon gathered a pool of water because it wasn’t being drained properly. Not the best of experience right there.

The outdoor area was large and offered stunning sea views, sprawling spaces to lounge and relax in and more. But thanks to an awful weather of a steady stream of rain showers, we were not able to make use of it.

Room Service: The room service at Six Senses in Vietnam, whether due to the bad weather or sheer mismanagement, was non-existent. The staff seemed quite unwilling to bring our food to the room and we were forced to step out (another boat ride in the rain) to the main restaurant.

Housekeeping: The housekeeping seemed to be reliable at the job and kept the primitive villa of the Six Senses in Vietnam spruced up to the best of their abilities.

Restaurant: The Six Senses in Vietnam had a Vietnamese Coffee Shop with low-sitting chairs and tables for quick bites and beverages, the Deli for short-eats and the Fishery which was inspired in design and food offer by the local fishing village.
Our dinner was not anything memorable and made it hard for us to believe that this was really a five-star resort.

Pool/Spa/Activities: Our villa had a private pool that faced the sea and had wooden pool chairs to lounge in. Suffice to say, the weather did not allow for any such activities. The Six Senses spas are quite renowned and the Six Senses in Vietnam too housed a spa with indoor and outdoor treatment rooms, a meditation room and a juice bar. You could opt for different kinds of massages and spa treatment here.

Overall Impression: The overall impression we had of the Six Senses in Vietnam was not favorable. We found the staff here to be not very hospitable and at times plainly dismissive of our wants and needs. Overall, our stay was Between Bombastic and Not.

Address and Telephone Number
Six Senses Con Dao
Dat Doc Beach, Con Dao District
Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, Vietnam
Tel : +84 64 3831 222,
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