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Four Seasons Resort - Langkawi, Malaysia | Resort Review

An Amazing Beach Villa - You Must See It!


Four Seasons Resort - Langkawi, Malaysia: Secluded in a 48-acre plot in the island of Langkawi with a private expanse of white sand and crystal waters, the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is situated in tropical paradise. Incorporated in its architecture and interiors are Moorish sensibilities and traditional Malay influences, combined with contemporary Western comforts. This five-star luxury resort is a contender for the most exclusive and most impressive resort in Malaysia!

First Impression/Lobby: My senses were blown away with the unbelievable beauty of the property with its open-air courtyards built with natural stone. Nothing about it was commonplace—no desks or countertops were in sight; a small lounge on a veranda overlooked a meditative pond and a breathtaking view that was close to nirvana. From the beginning, I felt like I was in a truly special place; I knew then that it was going to be an unforgettable experience.

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Reception: Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the staff and given the Four Season’s Standard treatment—fast and easy, warm and welcoming; it was excellent! They served us cold drinks and cool cloths, took our passports to make copies, and before we knew it we were on our way to our beach villa where the registration was completed and our luxury stay in this luxury beach villa started.

Concierge: Our stay at the Four Seasons Langkawi could have been almost perfect except for two letdowns, one of which had to do with the hotel concierge. We wanted to book an extra day at the resort and our request was forwarded to the concierge and not the reception, which was weird, but anyhow, that wasn’t really the irksome part. As it turned out, the only other beach villa available was at the other end of the resort so we asked to see it before we got settled into our villa (we were hoping we might be able to take that one from the beginning and not have to move part way through our stay); but after two phone calls and two promises from the concierge that she would arrange for us to see it, she never followed through. Even at the end of the day when we called her to see what they could do she was unable (or unwilling) to actually follow up with us. Service this poor from a Four Season’s concierge is rare and unacceptable—an affront to the hotel chain’s trademark of true five-star service.

The Beach Villa: Villa 11 is located at the end of the beach closest to the family pool, which had its pros and cons. Being down at the end, it was very quiet—that is, until the band played in the evening, which was the bad part. Aside from that, the location was perfect.

The villa itself was simply divine, a dream-come-true. The front and side walls were floor to ceiling glass. Immaculate white linens with taupe accents (which went with the taupe headboard) covered the bed. The sitting area had a couch and two chairs, both in taupe, and a huge round coffee table with a silver metal top. A coral, black and gray carpet ran across the middle of the room, pulling the colors of room together and adding an elegance that took the villa from comfortable beach front luxury to contemporary chic luxury.

The bathroom was just as heavenly. The huge sunken bathtub was pure delight—a roundish shell-shaped beauty with candles around, perfect for a hot relaxing soak with a good bottle of champagne. Two sinks were fitted in the bathroom and down the hall, in three small rooms, were a huge walk-in closet/dressing room, a shower which opened out to the outside, and a private toilet and bidet at the end. Outside in the private garden was an outdoor rain shower, surrounded with lush green vegetation. Using it was a religious experience. It was just you and the sky. A shower at night under the moon light is something everyone should try at least once.

The villa also had a spa room with two massage tables and huge floor to ceiling windows surrounded with a pool of water. Had we more time, we would have booked a couple’s massage; unfortunately, the timing just didn’t work out.

A private patio stretched across the front of the villa. It had a dining room table and four chairs. In the front, there was a huge day bed and a small plunge pool. A little farther out was the sandy beach where a couple of lounge chairs were placed. It was all set up in such a way that there was no need to leave the villa—you can get some sun on your “private” beach, cool off in your very own plunge pool, and then relax in the shade of the covered patio.

Room Service: The second letdown in our short stay was in trying to arrange a romantic dinner on our private patio. We wanted to order from the restaurant menus and have it delivered in courses in the privacy of our villa. We have done this numerous times at numerous luxury resorts around the world and it has never been an issue. However, here, they were reluctant to do so. Finally we got them to agree to this simple request. Once that was arranged, they gave us the Four Seasons treatment: the service was impeccable! From the casual breakfast to our romantic dinner on our private patio, the service was faultless; the food (which they finally allowed us to order off the restaurant menus for dinner) was superb, the presentation was Four Seasons class.

Restaurant: All of the restaurants in the resort are wonderfully located with breathtaking views of the sea. Rhu Bar is a chic and trendy casual dining restaurant with a sensibility that is a cross between Asian and Middle Eastern. Serai serves fusion cuisine of eastern and western culinary innovations, while the Ikan Ikan serves traditional Malay recipes.

Pool/Spa/Activities: The resort had two pools, one was a family pool and the other one a more exclusive, adults-only pool called the Quiet Pool located at the ocean-front in the southern part of the resort. It is an infinity pool that appears as if spilling over to the sandy beach—a perfect place for couples who wish to relax and desire privacy, as cabanas are made readily available.

Overall Impression When I get the chance, I definitely want to go back to the Four Seasons Langkawi; but next time, I want my stay to be longer. This five star resort is my idea of pure luxury, a place that will linger in my senses for quite a while. Even if it is a large resort, the Four Seasons has a quaint and intimate feel to it. The marvelous beach villa and the peace and serenity we experienced in this resort earn the Four Seasons Langkawi a rating of Bombastic.

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