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Four Seasons Hotel - Sydney, Australia

Four Star Service at this Five Star Hotel


Four Seasons Hotel - Sydney, Australia

First Impression/Lobby - As you would expect from a Four Seasons, the lobby was grand. If there is one thing that the Four Seasons is good at, it is making a good first impression. Unfortunately, there is more to a five-star hotel than a nice lobby.

Reception - Check-in at the Four Seasons was very typical, a copy of your passport, an imprint of your credit card, a couple signatures and sure enough, you checked-in. What was missing was the warm welcome and the impression that they were really happy to have you there. Yes, it was fast and efficient, but it just lacked that "something"

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The Room - If it was not for the view, I would have been disappointed with our room. Neutral colors, wasted space and a poor layout Is the best description I have to for the room. On the other hand, the view overlooking the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge was bombastic

Room Service - Consistent, on time and accurate pretty much sums up the room service at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney. The quality of the food for room service was decent as far as room service food goes. However, with this being the Four Seasons I expected more.

Concierge - The concierge service at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney was pretty much what you would expect from the Four Seasons, professional, thorough and customer oriented.

Pool- The Four Seasons Sydney has a nice outdoor pool and dining area, but the service at it was slow and substandard. More than once I had to get up from my table to find someone to wait on us. It seemed the staff was to busy chatting with each other to take care of their

Restaurant - The only restaurant that I tried at the Four Seasons Sydney was the morning breakfast buffet. After coming from the Gold Coast where we stayed at the Palazzo Versace Hotel, which had an outstanding buffet breakfast, I was shocked and disappointed with the Four Seasons variety and presentation. It really was not much better than what I have seen, and a three or four-star hotel like a Comfort Inn.

Overall Impression - My overall impression with the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney was one of just average. Yes, there were things that were better than other hotels, but when you are staying at a Four Seasons being better than other hotels is to be expected. However, compared to other Four Season Hotels that I have visited around the world this Four Seasons is just average. Yes, service is good and the rooms are nice. It is clean, it is pleasant, but it has no wow factor. The hotel lacks any flair or anything that sets it apart or makes you stay there memorable."

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