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Hayman Island Resort - Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Disappointing Resort in the Great Barrier Reef


Hayman Island Resort - Australia - I don't recall ever being so impressed and very disappointed from a hotel or resort before. Hayman Island Resort does some things extremely well and at other things they fail miserably.

Upon our arrival at Hamilton Airport we were greeted by a Hayman Island staff member and escorted to their airport lounge, a cramped room not much larger than two small offices. We were offered a "refreshment" of warm water (not that refreshing on a very hot day).

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We had to wait in there for almost an hour for our transfer to the island. Eventually they took us out to a beautiful yacht for our transfer. Things were beginning to look up but then we were told it would be almost another hour before we would leave as we were waiting on other flight to arrive. The good thing at this point was they offered cold drinks, soda, Australian sparking wine, juices and coffee as well as little sandwiches and deserts.

We finally made it to Hayman and were met by a wonderful staff member, Heidi. Heidi showed us to our room, a bit small and outdated. (The 70's era show The Brady Bunch came to mind). Our beach-front view was bombastic, no complaints there.

Over the course of the next few days we were continually disappointed in the service. Slow and unreliable was housekeeping and room service. Communications regarding our scheduled activities was conflicting, that is, when we got any communications at all.

Prices for a private boat rental, for the group diving, and for a private candle-lit cabana dinner were over-priced and lacked in service. Hayman did nothing to make any of these experiences special and memorable.

The high points of Hayman Island were the beautiful view, the weather, dining at Oriental, the Asian restaurant and Heidi, of which, I don't think the resort managers can take any credit.

Getting an erroneous charge on my credit card for $520.00 AUS a week after leaving and having to make multiple calls to get it cleared up just emphasized what we thought all along; Hayman Island is just out to make a few bucks, not to offer their guests a great experience or to be a leader in the hospitality industry.

If you are thinking of going to Hayman Island for vacation, I would reconsider your choices, there are many nicer places to visit.

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