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Palazzo Versace Hotel - Gold Coast, Australia

Designer Style and World Class Service


Palazzo Versace Hotel - Gold Coast, Australia -
Walking into the Palazzo Versace located in the Gold Coast, Australia was a breath of fresh air. Upscale, trendy, hip and "with It" is the best way to describe Palazzo Versace.

The huge lobby was more than breathtaking. It was a feast for the eyes, bright colors and intriguing shapes and designs, and gorgeous beauty throughout. Luckily, the service matched the beautiful surroundings.

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As we were escorted to our room, we were awed by all there was to see. Everywhere you looked with something unique and different. What a nice change after all the standard cookie-cutter hotel designs we experienced at the Hyatt hotels the past week and the 70's decor at Hayman Island.

As I walked into the junior suite was, I was at a lost for words, bombastic. There is no way to describe the beauty, the elegance, the attention to detail. The browns and the golds, with a splash of color here and there made for an elegant beauty rarely seen in the hotel room. Calling it a hotel room is like calling a Picasso just a painting.

The large living room had a couch with two chairs and a huge window that let in tons of daylight, unfortunately the view is not worth mentioning. Adjacent to the living room was a small dining room table with room for four and a small guest bathroom.

The bedroom was separated by two French doors, which allows for privacy when needed As well, as ads to the grandeur of the room. The bedroom itself was extra-large with a huge window began lighting in the daylight, however minus a beautiful view.

The attached master bath had a simple elegance to it. A beautifully tiled floor with a huge Jacuzzi tub and a standalone shower, as bathrooms go, this was one of the best I've ever seen. And did I mention, the Jacuzzi had room for two. Imagine candlelight, champagne, and some soft jazz from the iPod; what a bombastic way to end the day.

Room service at the Palazzo Versace Hotel is what you can expect based on everything I have described so far. Perfect. Timely, with quality food and drink and great service, you cannot ask for anything more from room service.

As impressed as I have been with everything so far the Palazzo Versace you wouldn't think that they could impress me anymore. However, walking into the dining room for the breakfast buffet pretty much left me speechless. I have never, ever seen such a spread, such a variety of food as I have seen at the Palazzo Versace. The freshest fruits, the best-baked goods, eggs to order, hot foods cold foods, juices, coffees, teas. By far, one of the best breakfast buffets I've seen.

All in all, the Palazzo Versace is a bombastic hotel and resort. I could have spent a few more days here exploring all the Versace has to offer. So if you get the chance, be sure to spend a few days at the Palazzo Versace; it is even worth a special trip to come for a day or two.

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