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Babur Indian Restaurant - Toronto, ON

My Favorite Indian Restaurant in Toronto


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Babur Indian Restaurant – Toronto, ON: Nestled in the heart of the city, Babur is touted by many as one of the best Indian restaurants in Toronto. Named after the founder of the Mughal Dynasty of India, Emperor Babur, the restaurant aims to recreate the royal meals served during the time using only the best ingredients. But do they live up to the promise?

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Babur restaurant gives off a casual yet classy feel, with subdued lighting accents, though the window lights up the restaurant well during the daytime. There are three rows of tables extending end-to-end, with a bar and counter at the back. The ambience has a modern Indian feel, though not too much as to seem too kitschy.

The food? It’s delicious. In fact, Babur has quickly become my favorite Indian restaurant in Toronto and is my go-to place for quick and easy meals. My favorite dish is the butter chicken, whose flavors blend well without the butter overtaking the chicken taste and vice versa. Another favorite of mine are the Vegetable Pakoras, bite sized appetizers that will leave you begging for more. Another is the spicy Chicken Tandoori, though if you can’t handle too spicy food, it’s best to inform your server to ask the chef to tone down the spice.

There is a good selection of alcoholic beverages, from beers to wines, which complement the food perfectly.

Service is very good as well, which adds to the experience; the staff is warm, welcoming and polite.

Babur lives up to the hype and is perfect for those looking for a casual dining experience. A nirvana for spice lovers, each meal at Babur is as good as the last. Consistently great! In all, we rate the food, service and atmosphere a rating of Bombastic.

What I liked: The service, the food, the atmosphere

What I didn’t like: Food can be too spicy for some

Rating: Bombastic

Address and Telephone Number:
Babur Indian Restaurant
273 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1Z9
416 499 7720

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