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Foxley's Bar and Bistro - Toronto, ON

A Small Neighborhood Bistro Offering Mediocre Food


Restaurant Category : Asian (Fusion), Thai, Vietnamese

Foxley Bistro and Bar in Toronto offers Asian and Pan-Latin cuisine and is a casual dining bistro in Toronto meant for a quick bite. This restaurant of Chef Tom Thai’s is a neighborhood hangout with its casual air ambience and decent food.

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The First Impression: Foxley was quite small in size and gave out a feeling of a casual dining place. The place also had a small patio which was closed the day we visited this bistro in Toronto.

Décor and Ambience: With a newly built kitchen, cut-brick walls and a high ceiling, Foxley exuded an aura of being a place to hang out and dine casually with a group of friends. The décor was simplistic with warm lights decorating the ceiling and a long bar counter top and a few chairs and tables set in the small space. This bistro in Toronto had 40 seats for its guests.

The Food: The portions of food served at Foxley were small and meant to be shared. Some of the dishes were great and the others were just mediocre. The restaurant was popular for its great dishes of fish. Chef Tom Thai is famous for his sushi and fish dishes and this is what Foxley served best. I ordered the braised pork which turned out to be well done and tender in texture. The dishes of beef were quite popular too.

The Calculated Impression: Though the food was quite good at Foxley, it wasn’t a bistro that I would think of visiting unless I lived in the neighborhood. The ambience and the quality of food just didn’t deserve a bombastic rating.

What I liked: The decent quality of food offered.

What I didn’t like: The crowded feel of space at the restaurant.

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not.

Address and Telephone Number
Foxley Bistro and Bar
207 Ossington Ave.
Toronto, ON
M6J 2Z8
Tel: (416) 534-8520
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