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Graziella Italian Restaurant - Montreal, Quebec

Where food is average and wines are overpriced


Restaurant Category : Italian

Graziella Italian Restaurant – Montreal, Quebec: Graziella is a comfortable Italian restaurant in Old Montreal. This restaurant is located in a stone building on McGill Street and features an open kitchen.

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Graziella has a bright, upscale and classy décor. Oversized chandeliers adorn the high ceilings. The large dining room is furnished with elegant tables and brown and green chairs. The windows on the right side of the dining room allow natural light inside. The open kitchen, the highlight of the restaurant, is situated near the entrance way.

Some of the popular dishes at this Italian restaurant in Montreal are the ricotta gnocchi served in a light tomato sauce full of cherry tomatoes and asparagus and the cheese fonduta made of thin slices of melted cow’s-milk caciocavallo cheese topped with rum-marinated orange slices. A fixed lunch menu option is also available at Graziella.

The bar at Graziella is surrounded by wooden cabinets. The wine list is quite decent and includes some privately imported ones. I started the evening with a Bloody Caesar (a Canadian version of a spicy bloody Mary) while my partner opted for a Grey Goose vodka martini. At $8 and $12, they were a bit over-priced even by Old Montreal standards for what we got.

We started with an appetizer of scallops with mushrooms and meat sauce to share. It was fresh and delicious, an absolute great start to our dinner.

Next up was the Osso Bucco alla Milanese, braised veal shank, with risotto as our main course. The meat was very tender, but the risotto was under cooked and chewy. It was far from the best Osso Bucco that we have had. We also ordered Lessona, an Italian red wine, 2005 which came highly recommended by the sommelier. However, this wine was “just ok” and did not pair well with our dish. For dessert, we shared a dark chocolate tart with homemade ice cream. Again, it was nice but there was nothing exceptional in it.

Service throughout dinner was good, but not spectacular. Overall, our dinner at this Italian restaurant in Montreal was about as average as average could get. Nothing in the evening took it to the level of Bombastic. Our rating for Graziella is Between Bombastic and Not.

What I liked: The spacious dining room and classy decor

What I didn’t like: The not so exceptional food and the slightly overpriced wine

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not

Address and Telephone Number:
116, rue McGill (rue Wellington),
Montréal, Canada
Phone: 514-876-0116

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