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Hotel Le Germain - Montreal, Quebec

It just did not live up to our expectations!


Hotel Le Germain in Montreal is part of the Germain Group of hotels which has unique and service oriented hotels located in Montreal, Toronto, Quebec and Calgary.

From Germain’s website, we found that their property located in the heart of Montreal, Hotel Le Germain, looked as if it had what we were looking for, excellent service in a chic, trendy and warm setting. I do believe their goal was to offer superior service in a stylish setting. However, after two days, at Hotel Le Germain we cionfirmed that one cannot always believe what one finds on the internet.

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First Impression/Lobby: When we pulled in front of Hotel Le Germain, we were promptly greeted by the valet/bellman who welcomed us to the hotel and just as quickly tended to our luggage and our car.

We entered the hotel to find a small, but trendy, nicely decorated lobby; it definitely felt like a boutique hotel. So far, I was impressed.

Reception: Registration was quick and easy, but instead of someone showing us to our room, as is done at most small, high-end boutique hotels, the front desk clerk simply pointed us in the right direction.

The Room: Our Deluxe Room at Hotel Le Germain in Montreal was dark and gloomy, not the chic and trendy feel that we were expecting. The dark ceiling made the deluxe room seem even smaller that it really was. Plus, there was no view to speak of, which didn’t matter, as the heavy drapes and blinds hid any view that there might have been; and the lack of natural light made the room all the more claustrophobic.

The bedroom was made up of the bed, two dark upholstered side chairs with fuchsia pillows, which added the only spark of color to the room, and a square plastic table, which lit up at night, sat between them. A built in work desk and with rolling black chair (more black), a large, wall mounted flat-screen TV and a built in wardrobe completed the room. One thing missing were luggage racks! On one hand, I could not believe that this small boutique hotel didn’t offer luggage racks, but at the same time, I don’t know where we could have put one, the room just lacked extra space.

The bathroom had a glass wall that separated it from the bedroom. Wooden blinds covered the wall to offer privacy, but when closed, the blinds added what seemed like another dark wall to the room… and the room became even smaller! The bathroom had a single sink and the half-wall (no door) shower stall. The kind that I just despise!

Overall, our deluxe room at Hotel Le Germain just lacked any wow factor; neat and clean yes. But wow? No

Room Service: To say service was lackluster would be an overstatement. The room service at Hotel Le Germain did their job, but did not go one inch further to provide even reasonable service; what a huge disappointment it was!

Breakfast from room service at Hotel Le Germain in Montreal was in a word, horrible. Presentation was horrible, the taste was horrible, and the service from the room service attendant was horrible.

In no way, shape, or form, did the service room “service” provided measure up to what I expected from a small boutique hotel like Hotel Le Germain in Montreal. Click here to see pictures of our breakfast from Room Service.

Housekeeping: Housekeeping at Hotel Le Germain in Montreal did a fine job when servicing our room. However, our request of extra towels took so long to be fulfilled I thought for sure they had run out to buy new towels.

Concierge: The concierge at Hotel Le Germain in Montreal was quick to offer up dining options, my only complaint is her suggestions were being presented even before we explained what we were looking for in a restaurant. Overall her suggestions were pretty good, that is except for Cavelli’s, which was just too much about being seen than it was about great Italian food. Had she listened to what we were really looking for in a restaurant she would have recommended something different.

Restaurant: We did not have the opportunity to dine at Laurie Raphaël Montréal, Le Germain’s restaurant, but if the food from room service was any indication of what we would have experienced, I am happy we did not get the chance to dine there. Click here to see pictures of Laurie Raphaël Montréal, Hotel Le Germain’s Restaurant.

Check-Out: The check out process at reception was quick and easy, however, waiting for the bellman to retrieve our luggage from our room took almost half an hour... too long!

Overall Impression: Sadly, Le Germain Hotel in Montreal simply did not live up to our expectations. We were expecting a small, chic and trendy, serviced oriented, boutique hotel. Instead, Le Germain Hotel had dark and gloomy rooms, poor service from room service and lacked the finesse we were expecting, especially after everything we had read about the Germain Group of hotels. Our rating for Le Germain Hotel in Montreal is a disappointing, between bombastic and not.

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