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Kaizen Sushi Restaurant - Montreal, Quebec

Flavorless sushi, tasteless service; do we need to say more?


Restaurant Category : Japanese, Sushi

During our quest to find great sushi places, we came across a recommendation of Kaizen Sushi Restaurant. Having started in 1995, this restaurant is considered as one of the best sushi restaurants in Montreal. With strong advertising and marketing, it had made its name familiar in the restaurant circle. So on a day that seemed to be made for a sushi mission, we set out to Kaizen Sushi Restaurant to taste their sushi for ourselves.

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The First Impression: A good décor and presentation always makes a favorable first impression. The warm, rich décor lent a pleasing aura to Kaizen Sushi Restaurant.

Décor and Ambience: The décor at Kaizen Sushi Restaurant had none of the sparse traditional Japanese look to it. The colors were rich and deep and lent an air of warmth to it. There were tables and straight-back wooden chairs and large red plush sofa chairs for some of the seating. The restaurant also had a bar counter done in a very voguish sleek style. With chic light holds and counters, the Kaizen Sushi Restaurant definitely had charm.

The Food: The kitchen at Kaizen Sushi Restaurant is managed by the Head Chef Antonio Park and the desserts by the Pastry Chef Jashim. The menu offered sushi, sashimi and maki rolls, besides soups, salads and different options of food like sushi pizza.

Since we were eager to try different kinds of their cuisine, we ordered a nice selection of sushi sashimi and maki rolls; salmon, tuna and yellow-tail sashimi; maki rolls of Spider made of soft-shell crab, avocado, sea-smelt roe, bonito flakes and Japanese mayo; Blue Lagoon made of shrimp, tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumber, Kaizen sauce and tobiko; and Tempura Maki made of shrimp, tuna, salmon, cucumber, tamago, green onion and sauce; and their Blue Note made of tuna tartar, tempura, tobiko, cucumber, honey, mango and sauce. It turned out to be too sweet and unappetizing. The portion sizes were adequate, but the fish was neither very fresh, nor very tasty. All in all, it was quite a disappointing fare.

The Service: The service at Kaizen Sushi Restaurant was a mix between being too quick to serve when it came to serving us our food and drawing our bill and too slow when it came to actual service of need. The dishes we ordered were all brought together which made us feel as though they were hurrying us up in some way. It didn’t really provide an atmosphere where we could sit and savor each dish in our own time.

The Calculated Impression: The Kaizen Sushi Restaurant isn’t in our book as the best sushi restaurant in Montreal. The décor was good, no doubt. But we were really here for good food and were left wanting in that area.

What I liked: The décor of the Kaizen Sushi Restaurant.

What I didn’t like: The mediocre food and the unimpressive service at Kaizen Sushi Restaurant.

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not.

Address and Telephone Number
Kaizen Sushi Bar and Restaurant
4075 St. Catherine West
Montreal, QB H3Z 3J8
Telephone: 514-70-SUSHI (514-707-8744)

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