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L' Express - Montreal, Quebec

Where mediocre food and service was shrouded by pretty steep prices.


Restaurant Category : Brasseries, French

L’ Express – Montreal, QB The L’ Express is a well known restaurant themed around a Parisian bistro. The place has overtime, become quite a popular spot for the locals to come together for a chat and a drink and some food. Having heard good reviews about the place, we decided to drop in one day and see for ourselves what the buzz was all about.

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The First Impression:L’ Express had a quiet and unassuming entrance where the name was inscribed on white tiles at the restaurant door along the sidewalk. From outside, one gets the impression of a bright and cheery place.

Décor and Ambience: The interior of L’ Express was casual, warm and bright. It didn’t have an upscale fine-dining feel to it. It was more about sunshine pouring in from the windows and the sun-roof in the ceiling than evoking a sense of chic elegance. The waxed black and white checkered floors, the zinc style bar, the warm colors of wood along the counters, the old Montreal tavern styled chairs, the pictures hung in frames on the walls and the welcoming warm tones of colors in the restaurant, made one feel relaxed and ready for some good food.

The Food: The food at L’ Express was quite a let-down. We had the Pieuvres et lentilles, a concoction of lentils and octopus, as a starter. It was just O.K. and not very exciting. My next order of the Pot Au Feu, a traditional French stew of vegetables and beef was so boring and unappetizing that I actually regretted ordering it right after the first bite. The Raviolis Maison, a dish with round pasta pockets filled with a flavorful mixture of beef, pork, and veal was the only dish I would recommend. Though it was well flavored and tasty, it didn’t really serve the purpose of a main-course.

The Service: The service at L’ Express was just average. The service had none of the art of catering in a subtle and professional manner.

The Calculated Impression: We were not suitably impressed with L’ Express. The food was quite expensive as with other restaurants in Montreal, but the quality of the food did not do justice to the price and we felt as though we didn’t really get the deliverables for the cash spent.

What I liked: The décor and ambience of L’ Express.

What I didn’t like: The average food and service at L’ Express.

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not.

Address and Telephone Number
L’ Express
3927 Saint-Denis
Montreal, Quebec
Telephone: 845-5333
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