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One Restaurant at The Hazelton - Toronto, ON

Our one visit may be our only visit


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One Restaurant at the Hazelton Hotel – Toronto, ON The Hazelton Hotel is considered as one of Yorkville’s classiest hotels in downtown Toronto with a five star hotel rating. Located at the center of the district, the Hazelton Hotel features One Restaurant operated by the celebrity chef Mark McEwan.

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The restaurant featured a grandeur interior designed by Yabu Pushelberg, one of Toronto’s famous design agencies. The whole place looked rather spacious and luxurious because of its high ceiling, gold mesh curtains, and grey & black interior touches. The restaurant was not very busy when we got there except for one group of what looked like eight professionals seated at the far end table that appeared to have been there for quite some time. They were the only group that was loud and obnoxious while more and more drinks kept coming at them.

Because we went to One Restaurant to have leisurely lunch, we had high expectations from this fine dining restaurant. Nevertheless, we found this restaurant a little bit overrated especially for a five star hotel location and with its cuisines by a famous chef.

My partner had the Spaghetti served with Sicilian meatball, marinara, and parmesan that cost around $29CAD. The dish was disappointing because of so many reasons. First, the presentation was not something you expect from a first class restaurant. Imagine a mound of spaghetti with just one huge meatball on top. I guess it wasn’t that bad, but the meatball was a different story. The meatball was quite dry. My guess is they overcooked it to make sure the inside was done. On top of that, One Restaurant’s lack of seasoning did not help at all in giving the dish its traditional Sicilian taste.

For my meal, I ordered their Linguine Carbonara served with lobster, bacon, and poached eggs for $34CAD. This was another disappointing dish which didn’t have much flavor. The only interesting thing with this dish was its one nice sized piece of lobster but the rest of it was a failure just like the dish my partner had.

The prices of their dishes were on the high side. Although I wouldn’t mind paying for it especially if I dined in a five star hotel restaurant or if the atmosphere matched the expensive prices, but with a rowdy table of afternoon drinkers who kept on interfering with everyone’s lunches, it was just too much to pay for what we got. To make things worst, their service was just spotty. Our waitress kept disappearing into the back of the restaurant whenever we needed something, which was extremely unsatisfactory.

I’m not sure if they deserve another visit or recommendation from me but for now, One Restaurant correlates to just “One” visit. One Restaurant get a rating of Almost Bombastic.

What I liked: Sophisticated interior design

What I didn’t like: Spotty service, loud afternoon drinkers, dishes were disappointing, prices were too expensive for an unsatisfactory service

Rating: Almost Bombastic

Address and Telephone Number:
One Restaurant at Hazelton Hotel
118 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, ON
M5R 1C2
(416) 963 6334

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