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Prime Restaurant at Windsor Arms Hotel - Toronto, ON

The best place for amazing cuisine in Toronto


Restaurant Category : Steakhouse

Located in the Windsor Arms Hotel, Prime Restaurant proved to be one of the best restaurants in Toronto we have had the pleasure of eating at. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this modern steakhouse with its beautiful décor, amazing cuisine and the famed offer of its wine selection which has made them win the ‘Award of Excellence’ by Wine Spectator two years in running, is the place to go to in order to enjoy some great food and have a quiet chat over a glass of delicious wine.

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The First Impression: The décor and ambience of the Prime restaurant made a favorable impression on walking into the restaurant. The place exuded rich warmth and spoke of quiet elegance and style, everything an upscale restaurant needs to be.

Décor and Ambience: Prime Restaurant had a very rich and elegant décor. The fireplace with its glowing embers lit up the two rooms decorated with dark wood and tan leather. The colors were all in hues of browns, creams and bronze which brought in an ambience that spoke of quiet grandeur. The gleaming wood paneled floors of the Prime Restaurant glowed under the intricate light shades and chandeliers. The curtains were in colorful hues and brought in a rich contrast that was enhanced by the beautiful paintings by Charles Pachter that decorated the walls. The tables at Prime Restaurant were flanked by comfortable chairs and the sides offered plush corner sofas to sink into with the table modified to arch into the curve of the sofas. The gleaming bar counter added to the festivity of the place and it was the perfect place to relax in and take in the surroundings of the Prime Restaurant.

The Food: The food at the Prime Restaurant easily made it one of the best restaurants in Toronto. We started with a round of a dozen oysters on the shell which were absolutely fresh and perfectly delicious. This was followed by an order of the Caesar salad and I must take a moment here to mention the quality of the ingredients used; crisp, fresh and scrumptious at every bite, it was the perfect salad. For our main courses we had the fillet of beef and the veal chops. The meat was tender and cooked to perfection with it melting in our mouths. Aromatic, flavored and juicy, the food at Prime Restaurant was exceptionally good and a delight to enjoy. Our bottle of the 96 Syrah complemented our meal perfectly and brought out the richness of the flavors and texture just as a good wine should.

The Calculated Impression: The Prime Restaurant was definitely one of the best restaurants in Toronto for a great meal and drink. We really enjoyed our experience there. The only set back was the live music, a man on the guitar singing which seemed commonplace for such an exclusive restaurant.

What I liked: The amazing cuisine, the selection of wine offered and the ambience and décor of the Prime Restaurant.

What I didn’t like: The live music played at the Prime Restaurant.

Rating: Bombastic

Address and Telephone Number
The Prime Restaurant
Windsor Arms Hotel
18 St. Thomas Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5S 3E7
Tel: (416) 921-2921.
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