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School Restaurant - Toronto, ON

One school I wouldn't mind going back to again and again.


Restaurant Category : Breakfast/Brunch

School Restaurant - Toronto, ON: School Restaurant in Liberty Village is a scholastically themed restaurant. Owned by chef cum owner Brad Moore, this is a popular brunch spot in Toronto. Since this restaurant doesn’t accept reservations, it is recommended to reach the place early.

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We reached School restaurant in Toronto at about 11:45 on a Sunday only to find a long line ahead of us. We had called ahead and found out to our disappointment that they don’t take reservations. We made our way through the crowd and put our name on the list at the hostess’ stand. And then we waited outside the restaurant for a while. Finally we moved to the entrance of the building and slowly worked our way to the front until our name was called. By this time we were wondering whether the wait would be worth it or not. We finally came to the conclusion that it must be a good sign since so many people were ready to wait it out.

As we waited for our turn inside the restaurant, was actually got some time to take in the atmosphere. The first thing that catches your eye as soon as you enter the School restaurant in Toronto is a brick wall mounted with 19 plain round school style clocks, all set to 3:30 denoting that “School’s Over”. The theme was definitely quite obvious with tall wooden shelves stacked with old books, an old typewriter, papers pinned to the ceiling lights and a typical schoolroom globe perched on the bar. Also, each table had an apple as a centerpiece. The waitresses wore plaid school girl skirts and white shirts while the guys sported ties. A huge movie screen hanging in on one corner played black and white school movies and old sporting events in loop. It was funny to see the cheerleaders of the 50’s compared to what they’ve become now!

A long counter was available for those who didn’t want to wait for a table. Also, a large portion of the kitchen prep area was open and we got to watch some absolutely delicious looking dishes being served up. There are basically two dining areas, both of which had large garage doors that open out to a patio area during the warmer months. Brunch is served here every day with only slight changes to the menu and come summer they will probably introduce a dinner menu.

After a long wait of about 45 minutes, we were finally shown to our tables. The menu followed the theme and consisted of a clipboard set with binder paper. The menu was broken into four sections, Quick, Fresh n’ Warm; Somethin’ Fruity; Eggs n’ Stuff and Sides. The Quick, Fresh n’ Warm section consisted of freshly baked items like banana espresso muffins, white chocolate blueberry scones and pumpkin whoopies. The Somethin’ Fruity section listed pancakes, waffles, flapjacks and Krispy French Toast while the Eggs n’ Stuff had dishes like burgers and melted gooey four cheese soufflé.

I started off with a Bloody Caesar, it was served in a huge glass and garnished with celery and olives. Tasty, tasty, tasty and at $9.00, reasonably priced. Though the menu was not that big, each and every item sounded wonderful. In fact, it was one of the best Toronto brunch menus I had seen till date. We were having a hard time making a decision about what to order and finally asked our waitress for recommendations on a few items.

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