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Sho Dan Sushi Restaurant - Montreal, Quebec

If You Have a Yen for Sushi


Restaurant Category : Japanese, Sushi

Sho Dan Sushi Restaurant is the blossom of a love story between a couple and their passion for sushi followed by another sushi enthusiast who took over later. With good reviews over the years and the goods to back them up, this restaurant in Montreal had quite the reputation for being a ‘must visit’ place. A ‘touristy’ place is one we normally avoid. But an extra day at our disposal with no concrete plans for lunch found us heading towards the much talked about Sho Dan Sushi Restaurant.

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The First Feel: Classy and impressive. Egg shell and café-au-lait tones warming the walls, décor in colors of soft hues to blend in, columns and mezzanine creating cozy intimacy, high ceilings and large windows creating the feel of sprawling space, upholstered chairs for each well decorated table all added to the elegance and fine-dining experience of the Sho Dan Sushi Restaurant.

The Food: The menu was impressive and well rounded. However we were here purely for the sushi and the sashimi. We started out with an order of standard tuna, yellow tail and salmon sashimi and unagi sushi (eel). The sushi was fresh and extremely appetizing with the right blend of the ingredients in perfect order. The list of maki rolls offered 15 options. We tried the Tempura Maki (Tempura shrimp, cucumber, Teriyaki sauce, avocado, smelt roe and hot chili sauce), Aloha (Tempura spicy shrimp and pineapple) and the Spider Maki (soft shell crab, ginseng, avocado and cucumber). While I found the Spider Roll and the Tempura Toll both to be really tasty, the Aloha Roll just wasn’t my choice of the day.

Sho Dan Sushi Restaurant offered a lunch menu, a dinner menu, specialties listed in a separate menu, a separate sushi list and a good wine menu which offered a choice selection of wine though it wasn’t extensive.

The Service: The service at Sho Dan sushi Restaurant is definitely worth the mention. Attentive but subtle, we were waited on with care and the service was fast and efficient.

The Pricing: Sushi and Sashami are generally food that dents the wallet. But for a Montreal restaurant, Sho Dan Sushi Restaurant proved to be quite the deal. The prices were reasonable with the rolls ranging from $4.50 CA for a Cucumber Roll to $10.00. Our rolls were in the $7 - $9 range including tax. The portions were generous and one felt satisfied after the meal.

The Calculated Impression: The overall impression of Sho Dan Restaurant was impressive. Elegant, spacious with a classy décor, the restaurant offered the right aura needed for the cuisine it served. The food was good and generous in portion and affordable to people looking for a good meal. This is easily one of the best sushi restaurants in Montreal. It missed out on our bombastic ratings by a few shaved points.

What I liked: The décor, the visual presentation and the service offered by Sho Dan Restaurant.

What I didn’t like: The food, though it was good, wasn’t exceptional.

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not

Address and Telephone Number for Sho Dan Sushi Restaurant
Sho Dan Sushi Restaurant
2020 Metcalfe, Montreal, Quebec
Telephone: 514-987-9987

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