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Vices Versa - La Malbaie, QC

A Must Visit When in Charlevoix


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Vices Versa – La Malbaie, QC: Vices Versa in La Malbaie is one of the more unique restaurants you will find in Quebec. The restaurant itself may seem simple, with white linen table cloths and wooden chairs arranged in a non-radical manner, but what makes it truly unique is the fact that it is owned by a husband and wife team, each with his or her own menu.

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When ordering food, you can pick to have just the husband’s side of the menu, the wife’s side, or you can choose between each. We tried a little from each side and we found the wife’s side to be more to our liking. Personally, I suggest the three-course meal for $65 wherein you choose any three courses from both sides of the menu.

In all, we give Vices Versa a hearty Bombastic rating. The food is creative, the ingredients are fresh, the service is good and the concept is original. Vices Versa is a must visit when in the Charlevoix area.

What I liked: The concept, the food, the ambience

What I didn’t like: Not much of anything

Rating: Bombastic

Address and Telephone Number:
Vices Versa – La Malbaie, QC
216, Saint-Etienne
La Malbaie, QC
G5A 1T2
Telephone – 418-665-6869

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