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Windsor Arms Hotel - Toronto, ON

Gorgeous property, but just too many flaws


The Windsor Arms Hotel of Toronto has been titled the '#1 Hotel in Toronto' by the Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. Located near Yorkville, Windsor Arms Hotel is an exclusive boutique hotel located in a building that exudes an old world charm. With its 28 luxurious suites, the famed restaurants in the hotel, the spa service and the indoor swimming pool, the Windsor Arms Hotel has much to offer to its guests looking for a great getaway and we were here to find out just how much of it was true.

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First Impression/Lobby: The lobby at the Windsor Arms Hotel was absolutely gorgeous. In true five-star luxury, the lobby was rich in decoration and sublime in comfort. With beautiful curios and paintings decorating the room, the tapestry, the furnishing, the gleaming floors, the floral arrangements all added up to making it a completely spectacular room.

Reception: We were duly welcomed and the check-in was easy and fast, after which we were immediately escorted to our suite.

The Suite: We had booked ourselves into a Deluxe Suite at the Windsor Arms Hotel. Walking into our deluxe suite was just as impressive as walking into the lobby. Decked out with dark hardwood floors, the spacious living room was beautifully decorated in muted browns, golds and tans. There was a plush sofa to settle into and watch TV, ample magazines stacked to entertain us, fruits to snack on, a writing table to work on and more. With pots of plants adding a touch of nature to the room, Windsor Arms Hotel made sure of offering its guest a great respite to relax in.

Separated from the living room by sliding glass and wood-framed doors was the slightly over-stuffed bedroom. Luckily the large windows, bright white duvet and warm color of the walls kept the bedroom from feeling too packed.

Off from the bedroom was the one and only bathroom of the suite; and it had an odd layout, the toilet in one room to the left and the main bathroom across the small entry way on the right. Had the “half-bath” been accessible to guests from the living room I would have understood this layout, but it wasn’t so it just was an odd setup.

None-the-less, the bathroom had a private shower stall, deep soaking tub and a single basin (dual basins are always a plus for me). Of course, keeping with the high-end standards’ of the suite, the bathroom was decked out in gorgeous marble and brass fittings.

Room Service: Things at the Windsor Arms Hotel took a back-step here. Room Service was appalling. Very slow and unwilling to cater to their customers’ taste by tossing up some eggs and toast outside breakfast hours, we had to wait for a while before we were served some food, which ironically was a club-sandwich made of eggs and toast!

Housekeeping: The housekeeping at Windsor Arms Hotel was exceptional and all aspects of the room were completely looked into and taken care of.

Concierge: The concierge at the Windsor Arms Hotel was professional and knowledgeable which is how concierges should be. They gave us good recommendations and helped us book tables, but didn’t return our phone call as promised which was slightly disappointing in terms of service.

Restaurant: There were a few dining options within the Windsor Arms Hotel. The Courtyard Café offered some good food and was a beautiful place with rich décor and gorgeous paintings splaying the walls. The Prime restaurant had exceptional food and splendid décor and was done in rich browns and gold. Read our restaurant review for The Prime at Windsor Arms Hotel There is also the Tea Room offering a French-style lobby tea room offering a variety of different teas, wine, sherry and delicate sandwiches.

Pool/Spa/Activities: The spa at Windsor Arms Hotel spread over 2 floors offered an array of different treatments to choose from; from manicures to holistic facelifts

Windsor Arms Hotel has an indoor bromine salt filled pool that just did not live up to the luxuriousness of the rest of the hotel. The hotel also had a small gym with all the basic equipment needed for a quick workout.

Check-Out: The actual check-out at the Windsor Arms Hotel was fast and efficient. However, the snag came in when we tried to leave and we were faced with a lineup of 20+ lunch guests (there had been a small business luncheon in the hotel) waiting for the sole valet to retrieve their cars. A hotel of the Windsor Arms Hotel’s caliber should have been better prepared.

After Our Stay: A few days after our stay at Windsor Arms Hotel we were had a charge appear on our credit card. We contacted the hotel only to be told it was for mini-bar charges we had not been billed for upon checkout. We explained that we had did actually get charged for the items we consumed so it was an error on their part. At most high-end, luxury hotels, they would have simply reversed the charges and that would have been the end of the story; however that was not the case.

After being accused of stealing some chocolate bars we had to make multiple long distance and international calls and send multiple e-mails to finally have a credit issued. This “service after the sale” is simply Not Bombastic!

Overall Impression: Our overall impression of the Windsor Arms Hotel was mixed. The gorgeous property, the amazing Prime Restaurant and it’s amazing food, the beautiful lobby, the luxurious romantic décor and the comfortable suite were all points that added in the Windsor Arms Hotel’s favor.

The less than stellar service from room service, concierge, and valet and the other flaws would be easier to overlook, but the service after we left was simply inexcusable.

Would we recommend Windsor Arms Hotel to anyone? In spite of the beautiful property, we wouldn’t. There are other luxury hotels ready to show you what truly good service is all about.

Our rating for Windsor Arms Hotel is Between Bombastic and Not.

Address and Telephone Number
The Windsor Arms Hotel
18 St. Thomas Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5S 3E7
Tel: 416-971-9666

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