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Soma Houseboats - India | Hotel Review

Disgustingly Dirty, Extremely Bad


We booked a back river house boat tour based on a recommendation we found on Frommer's. After about twenty minutes on the houseboat, we knew we had made a horribly poor choice.

The houseboat was disgustingly dirty; the boat was nothing but filth from one end to the other.

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The bedroom had moldy carpet that smelled so bad we had to open the windows to air it out just so we could bare to be in it.

The bedding had holes and stains and the pillows looked like they from the sixties and had never been cleaned.

The carpet in all rooms was dirty, stained and the thought of walking barefoot on it was nauseating.

Service provided by the crew of three was decent but everything else on the boat was simply disgusting.

I have been in contact with Soma Houseboats regarding a refund but it has now been over two months and they have failed to follow through on their promise.

Stay far, far away from Soma Houseboats. The boats are disgusting and their follow up after the tour is even worse.

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