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Beit Dickson Kuwaiti Restaurant - Salmiya, Kuwait

Memorabilia - Great; Everything Else - Failed!


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Beit Dickson restaurant, named after Colonel Harold Dickson a British colonial administrator in the Middle East from the 1920s until the 1940s, and author of several books on Kuwait, is located in Salmiya a few blocks off of the Gulf Road.

The old-styled antique entrance of the Kuwait restaurant welcomes and transports you to the “Old Souk” feeling. Arabic tents, mud wall finishes, cement floor, heavy wood chairs, rustic and antique furniture and appliances, red and blue table cloths, tons of Kuwaiti artifacts and memorabilia, and the wait staff in their colorful traditional dress make you feel as if you were dining in old Kuwait.

We went to Beit Dickson Restaurant for lunch and was amused with all the memorabilia around, feeling as if we were in a museum. After looking around, the waiter, who spoke crude English but was amiable enough, showed us to our seats. There were a number of private dining rooms as well as a traditional low to the ground table on one end of the restaurant, which we decided to try out.

While we browsed their menu (which was in Arabic and English), they brought us homemade Arabic bread. We found it dry and very old tasting that we were unable to eat it. We simply had to send it back to the kitchen and asked for new bread, which was better but not excellent.

When we were finally ready to order, the first things we ordered were not available: the kupas, the halloumi, and the grilled zubaidi (which is the national fish of Kuwait). Thus we just went with basic hummus and salad, neither of which wowed us. We’ve had better Kuwaiti food at Al Marsa Seafood Restaurant in Bnied Al Qar. We also ordered the chicken corn soup, which was sumptuous and refreshing but not spectacular enough to write home about.

For the main dish, we ordered the chicken biryani and lamb machboos, both of which came with the same rice and same sauce, served as big blobs on a plate, the presentation of which didn’t do much to whet our appetite, while the taste was so-so. Service throughout lunch was fair at best.

To say the least, the whole experience at this Kuwait restaurant was quite disappointing to the point that we wanted to leave in the middle of the meal. The only saving grace was the amount of memorabilia and the traditional Kuwaiti atmosphere they were attempting. Our rating for the Beit Dickson Restaurant: Not Bombastic.

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What I liked: Traditional atmosphere, historical location

What I didn’t like: Food

Rating: Not Bombastic

Address and Telephone Number:
Beit Dickson Kuwait Restaurant
Hamad Almubarok St.
Salmiya, Kuwait

Telephone: 2572-5777

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