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Fialho Restaurant – Evora, Portugal

Casual Restaurant, Great Experience


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Fialho Restaurant – Evora, Portugal: Fialho Restaurant has been around since the end of World War II and is one of Portugal’s most famous and traditional restaurants. For many people, no trip to Evora is complete without dropping by Fialho to try out their local Portuguese specialties and wine, the selections for which is one of the most comprehensive in the area.

Upon entering, a little bar where the friendly locals drank wine and watched TV welcomed us, and at once made us feel at-home and relaxed. Inside was a cozy dining room set like a traditional Portuguese tavern with a few contemporary touches. The atmosphere was very casual and a bit gloomy because of the dim lighting, a perfect place to get a bit of a buzz after-hours.

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We went there for dinner and had the Wild Boar tenderloins with apple puree and Oven-baked Lamb paired with a local wine from the Alentejo region. Both dishes were simply delicious and the wine was a perfect complement! Service was equally excellent and the staff was knowledgeable of the food and wine that they served. A casual place for no-nonsense good food, the Fialho Restaurant in Evora, Portugal is great because of its remote location Evora, it gets a rating of Bombastic!

What I liked: Delicious food and local wine

What I didn’t like: Gloomy lighting

Rating: Bombastic

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