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Even though it’s relatively small, just 140 miles by 380 miles, Portugal is one of my favorite places in Europe. Exploring its towns, cities, villages, and countryside can take many more days than you would think, especially if you want to experience their beautiful beaches, glorious wine region and endless five-star and luxury hotels and their chic and trendy, top-notch restaurants.

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The Algarve

Algarve - Algarve, Portugal - It is hard to ignore the growing popularity of Algarve as an upscale tourist resort featuring picturesque beaches, swanky luxury sea-side resorts and intriguing old town streets that are besieged by tourists during the region’s tropical summers. The coastal retreat may seem a tad too brash, flashy and hollow to some, however its natural beauty in the form of lovely expanses of golden sands, gorgeous azure waters and dramatic cliffs is hard to resist. For travelers who find th Read More

Coimbra, Portugal

Coimbra - Coimbra, Portugal Read More

Crato, Portugal

Crato - Crato, Portugal Read More

Douro River Valley - Douro River Valley Read More

Evora, Portugal

Evora - Evora, Portugal Read More

Lisbon - Lisbon, the capital of Portugal has numerous five-star and luxury hotels and even more great restaurants. Whether you want traditional Portugese or Italian, fish or seafood, or just burgers or pizza, you will be able to find great restaurants in Lisbon. See our travel reviews to see what we think the best restaurant Lisbon has to offer and let us be your Lisbon trip advisor. Read More

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira - Madeira, Portugal - Madeira is another spectacular island adorning Portugal’s naturally gifted landscape. There are chains of mountains, deep ravines, sea cliffs and remnants of erstwhile subtropical rainforests (some of which have been designated as UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites) that lend Madeira the distinction of being an ecologically diverse Island. The fascinating biodiversity apart, Madeira is also known for its famous wine and the gastronomy extravaganza-The Madeira Gourmet Festival. Read More