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Lapa Palace - Lisbon, Portugal

True 5 Star Service, Luxury and Beauty


Lapa Palace - Lisbon Portugal - Wow, I can easily say Lapa Palace is out of this world BOMBASTIC. Picture this, just close your eyes and picture this, (yes, I know it will make it hard to read but you have to so you can really experience what I did. Ready? OK, here we go. You enter your room and the first thing you see is a beautifully decorated room with a small seating area, a huge bathroom and extra large windows.

As you begin to look around you realize that they are not large windows but doors leading out to small balconies, on over looking the garden and the other with a bombastic view of Lisbon below! What a view!!

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You continue looking on, a feast for your eyes. The attention to detail far exceeds anything I have ever seen before. There is a complementary bottle of sweet wine with puff pastry deserts. Over by one of the balcony a big bowl of fresh fruit and on the desk, two chocolate brownies with confectionery American flags on them (did I mention we stayed there the 4th of July?).

Wow, and just when we thought we were done... A small hallway leading to four steps that go down to a circular seating area with another two little balconies and, are you ready for this? A beautiful bottle of champagne, iced and ready for us to enjoy. Life doesn't get any more Bombastic.

Well, maybe it can. Imagine a candle lit dinner down in the circular sitting room, doors wide open, the city lights of Lisbon in the distance, soft music playing on the iPOD and an a la carte' dinner from the hotels 5 star restaurant served by the Luis, a bombastic waiter. Life is grand, life is bombastic.

Now there are a couple drawbacks to the hotel. The location is not the best; it is not very close to the downtown area and the staff was not as welcoming as we experienced throughout the rest of Lisbon. The front desk staff was a bit cold but our room and service the rest of the time was simply BOMBASTIC.

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