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Spot Sao Luiz – Lisbon, Portugal

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Spot Sao Luiz – Lisbon, Portugal: Located at Bairro Alto (a fashionable place in Lisbon, popular among the young and hip for meeting up to dine, shop, and party), the Spot Sao Luiz is a rather modest place compared to the teeming trendy restaurants surrounding the area, but nonetheless noteworthy.

As we entered, I noticed how basic the décor was—hard wood floors, white table cloths, mass-produced black chairs, and fluorescent lighting—yet somehow almost elegant, perhaps because of its unassuming simplicity. The place had a good vibe—relaxing and comfortable.

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Service was quick. We were there for lunch and it was packed with locals. I got the impression that the staff were working hard to speed up the turnover, also so that the local diners wouldn’t be late in getting back to work.

The food was surprisingly amazing for such a casual restaurant, and the menu was quite unique and mouth-wateringly imaginative. For starters, we had Goat Cheese Strudel on a Tomato and Onion Compote and rocket Salad. The ingredients were fresh and the combinations a tad different than what you would normally find at a casual restaurant such as this. For our main dish, we had Burger on a plate with fried egg on top and fried chips-- juicy but not greasy, and full of flavor. Delicious! We also had Tomato Risotto with Cod Fish and Coriander, which was just as fresh, well-seasoned, and simply delightful. I definitely recommend the Spot Sao Luiz in Bairro Alto. Bombastic!

What I liked: The food, the casual but upscale decor

What I didn’t like: Once the place filled up, it was very loud.

Rating: Bombastic

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