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Bamboo Chic - Bangkok, Thailand | Restaurant Review

Chic and Trendy, but Too Dead


Restaurant Category : Asian (Fusion)

Bamboo Chic - Bangkok, Thailand: Located in the new Le Meridien Hotel on Surawong Road, Bamboo Chic is a contemporary Asian fusion restaurant that serves mainly Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine with Western influences. As its name suggests, the design of the restaurant is modern chic but incorporates Asian minimalist aesthetics-clean lines, wide open spaces, light wood floors, tan chairs, dark brown tables, dark tall walls, picture windows along one wall, and a large glassed-in wine cellar. The high ceilings reached up to the second level and the lights gave off a green hue that made the restaurant feel like an upscale and funky club in New York or London. Lounge music filled the air and the tables were just waiting to be filled.

We arrived at Bamboo Chic at 9:30 in the evening, and the place was almost empty. Besides us, there were only three other couples there and it really made a supposedly chic and trendy restaurant feel like a big empty, underutilized club. It was quite a turn-off.

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The menu ranged from sushi and sashimi to traditional and innovative Chinese and Thai dishes. But we were mainly there for the sushi. For our appetizers, we started with Sliced Marinated Raw Salmon, infused with sweet pink octopus paste, balsamico vinegar, flying fish and salmon roe; while the description sounded exciting, the dish was actually unimpressive and rather bland. We also had Chilled Oyster Ponzo—blanched oysters marinated with citrus, which was lukewarm and far from chilled, looked unappealing and tasted like sour Jell-O.

For our main dish, we had five kinds of sashimi and sushi rolls including Lobster Treasure (Rock lobster tempura, mayonnaise, tobiko, wasabiko, and salmon roe rolled inside-out and wrapped with mango and avocado) and Spider Roll (Soft shell crab tempura, chili mayonnaise, cucumber, avocado and tobiko, rolled inside-out). The sashimi was not that fresh and could be rightly described as a bit fishy. The Lobster Treasure, on the other hand, was amazing and was the highlight of our dinner. The Spider Roll was also not bad, and came in second to my favorite dish for that night.

Along with the food, we also ordered a bottle of New Zealand Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc. Its crisp and refreshing taste was the perfect match for our dinner. While the night was not a total waste, the Bamboo Chic in the Le Meridien Hotel in Bangkok Thailand failed to blow us away. I rate it Between Bombastic and Not.

What I liked: Lobster Treasure, atmosphere

What I didn’t like: The Sliced Marinated Raw Salmon, restaurant was too quiet

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not

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