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Sala Rim Naam - Bangkok, Thailand | Restaurant Review

Top Notch Thai Food in Bangkok


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Sala Rim Naam - Bangkok, Thailand: Considered one of Bangkok’s best restaurants, Sala Rim Naam serves Thai cuisine catered to Western tastes, presented and prepared in true five-star fashion. The dishes are normally not as spicy as authentic Thai food, but you can easily request from the server to make an order extra-spicy. The restaurant forms part of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok (Read our hotel review of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok here) but is located across the river from it. To get there, we had to ride a boat across the Chao Phraya River provided by the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

The moment we docked on the other side we were warmly greeted by the host and hostess and shown to our table outdoors, by the bank of the river. The ambiance was elegant but casual, some people were in jeans and others were more dressed up. The white linen table cloths, elegant china and stemware made the place feel quite upscale to me; I was happy we had chosen to dress up a bit. It was our first night in Thailand and already, I was enjoying and relishing the Bangkok experience.

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The menu was so extensive that it boggled my mind to the point that I decided to just go with a four curry sampler dinner which included Green Prawn Curry, Red Chicken Curry, Yellow lobster curry and Thick duck curry. My dining mate ordered the fish curry. For appetizers, we had steamed prawns, with soya sauce wrapped in a rice noodle. Everything was absolutely fantastic!

To finish off, I ordered a selection of Thai desserts but the one dessert I was really hoping for, mango sticky rice, was not included in the sampler. I asked if they could replace one of the desserts with the mango sticky rice but they refused saying that they would have to charge us for a full order as they would have to cut into a new mango. It is small details such as these that can make all the difference in one’s dining experience. After a wonderful dinner, the restaurant got cheap over a mango that probably cost them fifty cents, leaving me with a bad memory of an otherwise impeccable dining experience. Despite that, service throughout dinner was attentive without being overbearing.

Overall the dinner was excellent and I would still highly recommend the Sala Rim Naam Restaurant. Bombastic!

What I liked: My variety of curries, the atmosphere

What I didn’t like: Getting cheap over a mango

Rating: Bombastic

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