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To Die For Italian Restaurant - Bangkok, Thialand

Good, but not great Italian fare in Bangkok


Restaurant Category : Italian

To Die For is an Italian restaurant in Bangkok located at H1 Place Soi Thonglor in Vadhana. The place is famous for their Executive Chef K. Nida Sudasna, who is also known as a filmmaker in Bangkok. This Italian restaurant in Bangkok serves lunch and dinner, and serves drinks for evening cocktail.

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We were at To Die For in the middle of the week and the restaurant was pretty quiet. At first impression, the bar and restaurant appears to be super trendy and posh but if you look closely, it seems a bit cheap and tacky looking. It kind of reminded me of a child dressed up in their parents’ clothing, trying hard but just not an adult yet. However, the staff tried their best to give us great dining experience.

Their menu had a number of dishes and we wanted to try the interesting ones. But with only so much stomach space, we decided to share a dish for our starter and two dishes for our main. For starter, we shared on their Sausage Ravioli in Pink Sauce. I had Tagliatelle with Lamb Ragu and Chorizo while my partner ordered Lamb Shank Stew.

The Sausage Ravioli in Pink Sauce was home-made ravioli stuffed with homemade Italian sausage and served with mushrooms and asparagus in pink sauce. Although the dish had too much sauce, the whole taste was quite impressive. The Italian sausage mixed with the pink sauce was divine. Our first dish was definitely a success!

My main dish, Tagliatelle with Lamb Ragu and Chorizo, was surprisingly good as well. However, the Lamb Shank Stew, was not that overall impressive. It was a whole Australian lamb shank, stuffed with herbs and stewed in red wine, and served with mashed potatoes, baby carrots, and garden peas. The meat was not as tender as it should have been (it cooked for four hours according to the menu) while the sauce had a bitter taste.

Overall, the service was good, but even if the staff were trying hard, it still lacked. The food of To Die For was surprisingly excellent except for the Lamb Shank Stew which would garner and a just average rating on its own. But with that said, I would most definitely go back to this Italian restaurant in Bangkok.

What I liked: Their dishes were quite good in general. The place has a charm of its own.

What I didn’t like: We had a problem with their sluggish service and their failure to live up to the image they portray.

Rating: Almost Bombastic

Address and Telephone Number:
To Die For
H1 Place Soi Thonglor
Sukhumvit 55, Vadhana

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