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25 Kitchen and Bar Restaurant - Grand Rapids, MI | Restaurant Review

I could almost come up with 25 reasons to skip this restaurant


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25 Kitchen and Bar – Grand Rapids, MI: Situated on the corner of Fulton and Ottawa Streets in Downtown Grand Rapids, across from the Van Andel Arena, is another new addition to the restaurant and bar scene in GR - 25 Kitchen and Bar.

This Grand Rapids restaurant has played on its address (25 Ottawa) in so many ways it almost boggles one’s mind – the name for starters, and then there are its 25 signature cocktails, 25 draft beers, and 25 locally and internationally inspired wood fired pizzas.

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25 Kitchen and Bar is split into three areas, the bar, the dining room and the patio. Both the dining room and the bar have exposed brick walls (I love the old buildings in downtown Grand Rapids), tall ceilings with exposed rafters and duct work; a very typical look and feel of a restored and renovated old building. Wood chairs and tables complete the casual décor of the restaurant; tall metal chairs and tables in the bar give that area a more chic, trendy and upbeat feel.

The menu serves up the latest restaurant trend, sharable plates: tuna pops, duck spring rolls, chicken wings, hummus, buffalo chicken dip and baked goat cheese to name a few.

As mentioned there are 25 different kinds of pizza on the menu. They range from Polish and German to Thai and Turkish (a neat variety, at least in concept). A sprinkling of soups, salads and sandwiches were available for those wanting smaller meals, and for those wanting something heartier, the main dishes, such as steak and tortellini skillet, honey BBQ salmon, lobster macaroni and apple pork flambé rounded out their eclectic menu. Their wine list was limited, but at least the prices were on the small side as well.

Once we were seated and settled in, our server was quick to greet us and welcome us to 25 Kitchen and Bar. She explained the menu to us and suggested we try one of their signature drinks. In the mood to explore all that 25 Kitchen and Bar in Grand Rapids had to offer, we took her suggestion. My friend started with a Pomegranate (Belvedere vodka, Poma liqueur, fresh cranberry juice and a blue berry skewer). At $9.00 it was mostly juice, not impressive! I was in the mood for a good Bloody Mary, theirs sounded like just what I was yearning for; it turned out not to be the fix for my thirsty taste buds.

Sipping on our less than impressive, signature drink, we scoured the menu looking for some good dishes to share. We decided on the duck spring rolls, baked goat cheese, steak and tortellini skillet, and taquitos (a special appetizer for the night).

Our food slowly started to come out to our table. Up first were the duck spring rolls. We have never had anything that tasted so gamey. They so bad we had to send them back, which our server cheerfully did.

Next up was the Goat Cheese and Taquitos. The goat cheese was tasty, but again, how can goat cheese not be tasty? The taquitos, were a sort of thinly rolled bread wrapped around some Mexican spiced meat and deep fried until crispy. They were as fall asleep dull!

The last part of our dinner was the Steak and Tortellini Skillet. If I were a guessing man, I would say they opened a can of sauce from their supplier, poured it on some steak and pasta, threw it in the microwave to heat it up and then brought it to our table with all the fanfare of a chef’s special dish. Tasteless and sad, it was a major disappointment.

All in all, dinner at 25 Kitchen and Bar in Grand Rapids was a huge let down. I know not every restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids can be outstanding, but 25 Kitchen and Bar would never even be in running the running for the best restaurant in Grand Rapids. I can only give 25 Kitchen and Bar our lowest rating, Not Bombastic.

What I liked: Nothing

What I didn’t like: The food especially the duck spring rolls, the taquitos and the steak and tortellini skillet.

Rating: Not Bombastic

25 Kitchen and Bar Grand Rapids address and telephone number:
25 Ottawa Ave SW, Suite 100. Grand Rapids MI 49503
Ph 616.805.5581
Fx 616.805.5618
Hours of Operation
Kitchen always open and serving full menu 11am - 2am seven days a week.

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