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Angele Restaurant - Napa, CA

Pleasing on the palate, relatively easy on the wallet.


Restaurant Category : French

Angele Restaurant - Situated in the city of Napa is Claude Rouas’s culinary tribute to his mom; the Angele Restaurant. Having heard about the Rouas family’s contribution to the world of cuisine, we decided that Angele Restaurant was definitely a stop we had to make. After a gastronomically satisfying meal, we decided that it definitely ranked well amongst other .

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First Impression: A ridiculously gorgeous sunny day, relatively warm décor inside the restaurant, wooden beams in the ceiling bringing out the best of the sunny rays, splashes of earth colors in the form of paintings dressing up the walls, hues of blues and greens on the window shutters, aroma of food, buzz of the crowd and drinks to liven it all up. What can we say? We hoped this stop at Napa would be enjoyable.

Table and Seating: Considering that the sun was putting on a good show, we chose a table outside. The seating was comfortable giving an impression of casual warmth with the toned cane chairs. The table décor was nothing to write home about. Simplicity was the selling point and the aura of the place let you soak in the climate and the Napa aura without cluttering it with stiff elegance. The trees and the constructed greenery added onto the relaxed atmosphere that Angele Restaurant offered.

Spirits; To set the afternoon rolling we started out with our order for drinks. I ordered a Bloody Mary which turned out to be a great choice for a sunny afternoon; nice and spicy and completely refreshing. Just what I needed. My partner started with a glass of sparkling California wine.

The Food: We went along with the suggestion of the waiter to start out with their recommended Oysters on half shell. It turned out to be a worthy suggestion. Relishing without being overcooked and bursting with the flavors that only Californian oysters can offer. And everyone knows that Oysters from California are better than the ones from New Brunswick, and the New Brunswick ones are better than the British Colombian oysters. So basically we just had a plate of the ones on top of the pyramidal scale!

The Main Course: I started out with an order of the Chicken Pot Pie which sounded delicious. The portion was large piled with potatoes, carrots, chicken and gravy inside. Well cooked without being dry. But overall it lacked flavor and was sort of bland in taste. A bit disappointing. No points there. The side salad was good and fresh. Quite a nice little dish to order to add that dash to your meal.
My partner hit it on the mark though with an order of burger with fries. The burger was big, juicy and quite a masterpiece on the eyes and the palate. It came with these long golden crispy fries that were a delight to eat. And eat we did. Lesson here; order the burger and fries and skip the pot pie for sure.

And now for the ones with the sweet tooth; the desert. It was quite simply the best desert I have had in a long time. Baked banana with a crisp crust topped with ice cream. It was delicious without being overwhelmingly sweet and not too heavy after a meal.
The Service: Was quite attentive without crowding you while you were enjoying a meal.

The Calculated Impression: Once the excitement of the sun and being at the tropical Napa dies down, here is what we think of Angele Restaurant. The food was substantially good and pleasing, the service was on mark, a nice location, a décor that was casual without being really interesting. A very nice place for a light casual lunch. But it missed that edge, that wow factor that it needs for a Bombastic rating from us. So our rating for Angele Restaurant in Napa is between bombastic and not.

What I liked: The casualness of the place with relatively good food and service. The value for money in terms of return was good.

What I didn’t like: The lack of an interesting aura and the fine cuisine that the restaurant promised in its promotions.

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not

Address and Telephone Number:
Angele Restaurant in Napa
540 Main Street
Napa, CA 94559
Tel: 707-252-8115:

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