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Bellagio Hotel - Las Vegas, NV

Great Location, Far From Great Service


Bellagio Las Vegas, Nevada: Even with one of the best locations on the Strip, Bellagio did not live up to its reputation of a great hotel.

First Impression/Lobby: I will be the first to admit that the Bellagio is an impressive hotel however, the beauty of a hotel lobby can only carry it so far.

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Reception: Understaffed, uncaring and uninterested is the impression I left with after dealing with reception our arrival. As with the bellman, the front desk staff treated us as in intrusion and into their busy day. We were just a number, not a person. It was such a disappointment from the legendary Bellagio.

The Room: The only thing the room had going for it was the view of their 'lake' and of the Vegas Strip. Being able to watch the Bellagio's water show from the comfort of your room was bombastic but after you saw it once, the view did not seem to matter as much.

The room itself was quite small and cramped feeling. There wasn't anything about the room to set it apart from thousands of other rooms in Vegas. With its safe neutral colors, nice linens, two side chairs, a king-sized bed and a desk you have a very basic, unexciting, unimpressive room. It is easy to say the rooms do not match the splendor of the public areas of the Bellagio.

The bathroom too was basic. It had a single sink, stand-alone shower, bathtub and toilet. Other than the view, nothing in the room said luxury and the service we had received so far, was far from five-star service.

Room Service: The Room Service menu had you standard hotel selections, soup, salads, burgers and a few entrées. Service though was slow and when it did arrive, he did not even want to roll the cart into the room. He wanted to leave it at the door and have me take it from there. I am not sure where they got the idea that this was good service but parking the cart at the door just a step up from having the guest run down to the kitchen and get it themselves.

Overall Impression Our stay at Bellagio was a short one. Service was so poor and the staff so uncaring that within just a few hours of arriving decided we would only stay one night and arranged to move to another hotel.

The impression that I got during my short stay at Bellagio is that they have gotten too big and let service slip, no, actually they let it fall all the way down to poor. I felt as though they could have cared less if we enjoyed our stay or not because they knew there were many, many people who would book a room with them just based on their prior good reputation.

Other than location, Bellagio has nothing to offer and in my opinion, if you care about service, look elsewhere.

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