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Bin 26 Enoteca - Boston, MA

Bin There, Won't Be Back


Restaurant Category : Italian, Wine Bar

Bin 26 Enoteca - Boston Massachusetts: Located in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, Bin 26 was recommended to us as 'the' place to go for a great wine selection, a chic and trendy atmosphere and the best food around.

It sounded great, so we book a table in advance and envisioned the experience that was in store for us. We arrived at 9:00 PM, our reservation time, to find the restaurant packed with Saturday night diners. The décor was not as chic and trendy as I expected. It did have a feel of an Italian eatery, but more of a cramped, countryside restaurant than a hip and 'the place to be' restaurant.

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When our table was ready, the host escorted us to it; a poorly located table in the hallway, just outside the kitchen. Between the never-ending traffic and the over-powering smell of the seafood, our location could not have been any worse. From our vantage point, we were not able to enjoy the atmosphere, which was not a chic and trendy as we envisioned, but it still would have been better than a hallway table, right outside the kitchen.

Shortly after being seated, our drink orders were taken and we had time to review the list of over 150 beautiful wines and the not large, but well-rounded menu.

In addition to the anti-pastas, cheeses, soups and salads, the menu had delicious sounding pastas (Fussili with Herbed Rabbit, Handmade Lobster Ravioli, and Linguine Sautéed with Baby Clams) as well as chicken, veal, steak, lamb and fish (salmon, tuna and sea bass) entrees

I started with the Tuscan Style Tomato Soup, which was full of flavor and opted for the Fussili with Herbed Rabbit as my main dish. Unfortunately, it sounded better than it tasted. The rabbit was bland and the fussili over-cooked. Overall, the dish was a let down.
In hopes of saving our dinner experience, we thought we would end the night on a sweet note and we ordered a couple deserts to share. Chocolate Delight with Pumpkin Cream and Crème Caramel, who could go wrong with some that sounds that good? Apparently, it was just not in the cards that night for us to have a good experience at Bin 26. The chocolate delight was not a delight. It tasted as if it had just come out of the freezer. The crème caramel on the other hand was almost soggy.

As you can imagine, our experience at Bin 26 is one we wished we had not had and based on it, I do not think it is one that we will experience again, at least not at Bin 26. Boston has many, many good restaurant so there will not be a next time for us at Bin 26.

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