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Bond St Sushi Restaurant - New York, NY

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Bond Street (BondST) – New York, NY: I almost ended up not going to Bond St Sushi because it was as packed as a as a boisterous nightclub and very, very busy. We arrived at 9 for our 9PM reservation only to be informed that it would be another 30 minutes before our table would be ready and to have a drink in the standing room only space they called a bar.

Finally, 40 minutes later, we were instructed to head to our seating on the second level, which was surrounded by a trendy crowd that comprised mostly of patrons in the 30’s and 40’s. The upstairs, though loud, was comparatively much quieter than the main level downstairs and looked a bit crammed with a narrow passageway, flanked by two rows of tables on either side.

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Bond ST Sushi sports an effervescent and trendy atmosphere with an unmistakable buzz. It was really nice upstairs. Shortly after we were seated, the waitresses got us hot wet towels to wash our hands, followed by the menus and our drinks order. The cuisine was largely new-age Japanese with imposing European influences. Smart dim lighting tricks along with a minimalist decor created a smug and warm dining ambiance. In the late 90’s this chic eatery was the playground of tons of movie stars, however today one has to make do with the striking model-like wait staff and some handsome business scions, who are the only eye candy around.

Coming to the food, we sampled some delicious Kaki Furai Roll (the night’s special), which was excellent to put it mildly. It was a delicately spiced fried oyster and anori tartar sauce combination. Next came the spicy crispy shrimp that was just as good as its predecessor, with Yuzu Calamaci Vinaigrette and Chipotle Aioli continued its seduction with Goat cheese crab cake, a pounded rice crust and carrot lemon coulis preparation. We couldn’t skip their famous yellow tail sashimi and opted for a Szechuan flavored variety that was seasoned with Szechuan ponzo and chili oil. The Big Eye Tuna Tarts were nice as well, along with the Spicy Tuna Roll with chili mayonnaise. The Lobster tempura roll, with yellow tomato and Yozo pepper dressing was splendid. The sashimi was extremely fresh and so was the Ungi Sushi. Sashimi is priced at $10-12 for a serving of two pieces. We also gorged on amazing Harushika sake, which has a sharp citrus flavor with a slight sweet cinnamon aftertaste. Our desserts were a mix of ordinary and extraordinary- the crème caramel was passable, however the delicious Riccotta Cup more than made up for it.

The service at Bond ST Sushi was exceptional and surprisingly unobtrusive for a place so crowded. The timing of service, the delivery and clearing of dishes and the attitude of the staff was bang on. Apart from the extra long wait at the beginning to get a table, the entire evening was perfect without any glitches that are characteristic of tight eateries like Bond ST NYC. After spending an evening here, I understood why the restaurant is so popular. This is definitely a place I would highly recommend and go back to, if I knew I wouldn’t have to wait for 40 minutes that is. Of course, reservations are a must and our rating for Bond ST Sush (Bond St NYC) is bombastic!

What I liked: The delectable fare especially crab cheese cakes and lobster tempura

What I didn’t like: The 40-minute long wait for a table

Rating: Bombastic

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