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Cosmopolitan Hotel - Las Vegas, NV | Hotel Review

Upscale Elegance, Amateur Service


Cosmopolitan Hotel - Las Vegas, NV: Opened on December 15, 2010, the Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas is a $3.9 billion high-tech property consisting of two high-rise towers built in 8.5 acres on the Las Vegas Strip. Also referred to as Cosmo Las Vegas, this resort is designed to titillate the densest of senses and provide every entertainment possible on a grand scale from its 75,000-square-foot casino and 300,000-square-foot of restaurant and retail space to its 40,000-square-foot spa, bars, nightclubs and three separate pools. Click here to see 40 pictures of The Cosmo Hotel in Las Vegas.

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First Impression/Lobby: Outside, the Cosmo twin towers look like any other city high-rise and had no charm to set it apart from the other buildings on the Strip. As our car pulled up at the entrance, the sharply dressed bellman was there to meet us and quickly retrieved our bags. He gave us our luggage ticket and pointed us to the direction of the lobby. He was quick and efficient, especially for how busy the arrival area was.

Inside, all I could think of was, “Wow!” The lobby of the Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas was Times Square in the upscale elegance of a true luxury, five-star hotel. Its stunning interiors rendered me utterly speechless. Shiny bright lights and humungous chandeliers draped from the tall ceilings and shone like an architectural masterpiece. I was impressed.

Reception: As with most of the large casino hotels in Las Vegas, the Cosmo Hotel's lobby had a long front desk area with a line of people waiting. Luckily, the line moved along quickly and within minutes we were at the front desk.

We were all smiles when we approached reception. If the lobby interiors were any indication, we couldn’t wait to see what our room looked like. But the front desk agent that processed our registration seemed to be in another world. Instead of a warm welcome, we got more of a blank stare and lost look from her. It looked as if she was lost in a different world. She eventually checked us in and arranged for our bags to be delivered to our room. She then pointed us towards the elevators, which were located at the far end of the casino.

The Suite: We stayed in a Wrap Around Terrace Suite - a huge corner suite with, as the name suggests, a terrace that goes all the way around the room. Our room faced north and looked over the Eiffel Tower and Bellagio fountain display. The view was astonishingly breathtaking.

State-of-the-art technologies and control panels allowed us to control everything in the room. We could order room service, control the lights, and book spa services using the TV.

The suite had a full-bath off the living room as well as an over-sized bathroom off the master bedroom. In addition, it had a built-in washer and dryer, full kitchenette (with sub-zero refrigerator, wine “cellar” and microwave), dining table, living room, and large plush bedroom. The design was contemporary chic, combining mute and bright colors for a relaxed and lively ambiance. I can say it was the finest room we’ve ever stayed at in Vegas.

As suites in Las Vegas go, this suite at the Cosmo Las Vegas was fantastic bombastic!

Bellman: We had been in our room for almost an hour and were still waiting for our luggage to arrive. We called the front desk about it and they said that there was no request for our luggage to be delivered. We complained that this service was supposed to be automatically rendered in a five-star hotel or in any hotel for that matter. They informed us that they were busy at the moment but that they would get it to our room as quick as they could. Because we had to be in the room to receive the luggage, we wasted almost another hour just waiting for it. It did eventually arrive, but that was two hours out of our short stay at the Cosmo Las Vegas that we would not get back.

Room Service: The Cosmo Las Vegas room service menu had a variety of options from American and European to Ethnic and Asian cuisine, and almost every kind of dish that one can crave for and imagine eating in Las Vegas. Placing the order was easy. We phoned in to order pizza and burgers instead of using the TV control panel as we found it more convenient. They delivered our food almost 30 minutes late but when it came, they prepared the food nicely like a true five-star restaurant. The pizza was delicious and the burgers satisfactory.

Housekeeping: The housekeeping failed to do turn down service even though we requested it, twice! The suite was in perfect condition when we arrived, however, so it was quite apparent that they do an excellent job of servicing the rooms (when they actually do it that is).

Concierge: For a hotel this large, (the Cosmo Las Vegas employs almost 5,000 people, the concierge was remarkably attentive and knowledgeable. They gave us some good restaurant recommendations around the Strip and helped us with bookings and transportation.

Restaurants: There are several dining options inside the Cosmo Las Vegas offering various cuisines to satisfy every whim and indulgence. There is Comme Ca, a French restaurant by Chef David Myers, Estiatorio Milos, an authentic Greek restaurant, Scarpetta, an Italian restaurant, China Poblano, a Chinese and Mexican fusion restaurant, Blue Ribbon, a sushi bar and grill, D.O.C.G., an Italian restaurant and wine bar, and STK, a steakhouse, just to name a few.

We dined at STK, which had a clubbing atmosphere, a DJ, and plenty of beautiful people, and at D.O.C.G., which was more formal and elegant but still relaxed. Food and ambiance at both establishments were topnotch and worth the money.

Pool/Spa/Activities: Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas CEO John Unwin claims that the Cosmo is about “creating a resort experience that is truly different than anything else that exists right now in Las Vegas.” Indeed, the hotel exceeds expectations when it comes to amenities and entertainment. The hotel resort has a total of three pools - the Boulevard Pool, the Bamboo Pool, and the Day Club Pool. There was no lack of cabanas, lounge chairs and day beds even when it got crowded. The outdoor pool deck overlooked the Strip and featured pool tables, ping-pong, bumper pool, foosball, and TVs revolutionizing the Vegas pool scene.

Shops and boutiques could be found throughout the two 50-story towers, while the Cosmo Las Vegas spa was in a league on its own. They offer personal rejuvenation suites and holistic body treatments in an oasis-like environment.

The casino area was simply spectacular. It was centered round the Chandelier Bar, a three-story bar built inside a humungous chandelier, serving different cocktail menus on each floor.

Check-Out: Before checkout, we called reception to help us with our luggage and it took a good 45 minutes of waiting for the bellman to pick it up. The check out process took longer than it should, in part because there were a couple of billing errors and they failed to schedule the house car we booked to take us to the airport. They told us that they had no idea how that screw-up happened, but they eventually arranged for another house car to take us (after pointing fingers at other various departments).

Overall Impression: The hotel itself is gorgeous, the suite is amazing and the array of dining options and things to do are dizzyingly endless. While there were a number of issues with the property services, I chalk some of it up to the fact that the property was still relatively new (they opened mid-December 2010).

The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas has all the makings of a Fantastic Bombastic hotel, but because of their amateur service, they only receive a rating of Between Bombastic and Not.

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