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Del Frisco's Steak House - New York, NY

Amazing Steaks, Excellent Service, Bombastic Experience


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Del Frisco's Steakhouse - New York, NY: Del Frisco is a typical business-lunch destination that is frequented by executives and entrepreneurs cracking deals over meals. Located in the heart of Manhattan on 49th Avenue and the Avenue of America (6th Avenue), it was recommended to us by the concierge of The Ritz New York, telling us it was “the” place for steak in New York, so we had them book us a table.

We went there for a late lunch and predictably the place was packed with business men and women having their power lunches. The ambiance was formal, with two walls of large windows reaching to the second floor and dark wooden walls on the other sides. Linen draped tables dutifully set surrounded by heavy dark chairs accentuating the business-like environment.

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The eatery was noisy and full, but that didn’t do much to impede the attentive and professional service. The wait staff was extremely polite, courteous, and knowledgeable; and was flawless in their service throughout our lunch.

We started our meal with a crab cake, which was a good deal at $19.95. Though the other items on the menu can be quite pricey, one expects these rates at any good New York restaurant. To complement our lunch, we ordered a bottle of nice Etude Heirloom 2005 Pinot Noir from Sonoma County, California; an excellent recommendation by the sommelier. She surely knew here wine!

The delicious crab cake was followed by a fillet on the bone with a mushroom Merlot sauce on the side for my partner and for me, the filet trio with a superb Shitake mushroom and red sauce, foie gras and butter, and crab in a white sauce combo. To complete our entrees, we ordered sides of bourbon mashed sweet potatoes and asparagus.

Everything we ordered was outstanding and absolutely fresh. The meat was cooked just the way we wanted, making it juicy, tender and full of flavor. And, something as regular as sweet potatoes was nicely prepared with amazing flavors. The asparagus that we sampled was surprising fresh, especially for January.

Since we had no room for dessert but still needed to finish off on a sweet note, we opted for a light homemade sorbet. As the previous courses indicated, the sorbet was stupendous.

Overall, though the food and service were exceptionally good, the business-like ambiance took away from our wanted experience a bit. At $64.95 for a fillet on the bone plus $9.95 for the mushroom Merlot sauce and $59.95 for the fillet trio, I expected a more upscale and exclusive atmosphere.

However, I would still recommend Del Frisco’s if you don’t mind eating stimulating fare in the midst of investment banking and business related conversations darting across from all directions. Del Frisco’s Steakhouse receives our rating of Bombastic!

What I liked: The great food and the immaculate service.

What I didn’t like: The costs and the imposing business-like atmosphere.

Rating: Bombastic

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