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Delano Hotel - Miami, Florida

The Beauty Is Only Skin Deep


Delano Hotel - Miami, Florida: Surely a place to see and be seen, Delano Hotel is a hip place for hip people - or so the owners and people who frequent the place would like to think. Located in the more exclusive northern area of South Beach where art and money meet and where inspiring art-deco landmarks sprinkle the beach, Delano is the essence of chic and trendy. Its 'look at me' crowd and snooty staff, however, can spoil your stay and your appetite.

Owned by the Morgan's Hotel Group, the Delano hotel feels like a museum of contemporary design with its eclectic furniture and crisp and clean architecture. Every piece may as well look like installation art, from outside the building, to the lobby, and the interior of the rooms. White seems to be the main theme of this hotel from the building itself to the fixtures such as the walls, curtains, columns, and even the hotel staff's attire. The sterility of its background is contrasted with interesting, almost odd, pieces, such as fiberglass chairs, steel benches, and African-inspired tables.

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Room service is non-stop and they do offer turn down service but they just do not make you feel welcome and do not add a warm touch to what they do. It's as if they couldn't care less if you enjoy your stay in the hotel or not.

The pool was gorgeous and the pool area was close to island paradise with its cabanas, hammocks, sofas and tables, and lounge chairs, but the crowd, mostly people who want to be associated with the trendy scene, can get annoying. It was a very odd group. It took the hotel from a class act to a hotel that was acting like they had class.

If you are into the party crowd and want to be in the "in" then Delano is the place to be. If you want class, style and comfort then Delano would not be a good fit. Is it five-star? Yes. Is it true luxury? No. They try, but do not reach that level. It is not a place I would look forward to visiting again. I rate it somewhere between bombastic and not.

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