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Friend of a Farmer - New York, NY

One of the Best Breakfast Restaurants in New York


Restaurant Category : American (Traditional), Breakfast/Brunch

Friend of a Farmer – New York, NY: We were looking for a neighborhood type restaurant for breakfast when we were staying at Gramercy Park Hotel (Read our hotel review of Gramercy Park Hotel.) and the first thing that the concierge suggested was Friend of a Farmer. He said it just a short walk from the hotel, had a great breakfast menu and a casual, at home, local atmosphere. This was exactly what we were looking for so off we went to find Friend of a Farmer restaurant.

Friend of a Farmer restaurant was easy to find and luckily it was a weekend day, because once I saw the outdoor seating and then the comfy, casual inside, I imagined it being packed with a long line of hungry patrons waiting to get in had we been there on an weekend.

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The inside had hardwood floors throughout, exposed brick walls and a massive stone fireplace on one wall. I would love to have been there on a cold winter day to see if the fireplace actually worked. Regardless the fireplace worked in making the restaurant feel warm and cozy even if it wasn’t burning anything at the moment. The seating on the first floor was limited, aside from the long wooden bar and it looked like they actually were only serving up on the second level.

So, up the old wooden staircase, past the wicker baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables, we went to the second floor dining room. The upstairs dining room was an eclectic assortment of country collectables and furniture; the open ceiling with its exposed wooden beams just added to the relaxed feel of Friend of a Farmer. I got the feeling from the décor that the owners don’t take things too seriously, but that instead, the most important thing to them is that the diners have great food and service.

After looking at the menu, I changed my mind a bit; they owners take breakfast very seriously. With dishes like Buttermilk Apple Pancakes, Old Fashion Pumpkin Pancakes and Taylor’s Tasty French Toast made with their own homemade cinnamon bread, and over 15 egg dishes, they take breakfast seriously, very seriously!

I had to try the Pumpkin Pancakes (how could I pass on something so delicious sounding), my partner went a little less adventurous and had the Southwestern Omelet.

The wait for our breakfast was a tad on the long side, but as the food hit our table, I quickly forgot about the wait and marveled at the food; big, fluffy pancakes and an amazing pumpkin scent that made my mouth water, and for my partner, an omelet that barely fit on the plate. Oh so good! We could hardly wait to take our first bites.

Not surprisingly, not only was the food as good as it looked, it was even better. The fresh pumpkin pancakes, with warm, toasted walnuts and pure maple syrup were easily some of the best pancakes I’ve have had. The Southwestern Omelet, a tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and American cheese was just as delicious in its own right. I’m can’t guarantee it, but I’m pretty confident that the guacamole and salsa were housemade at Friend of a Farmer.

Service throughout breakfast was decent, although at times we were left waiting, but overall, I give the service at Friend of a Farmer a thumbs-up. If you are looking for a great breakfast restaurant in New York, look no farther than Friend of a Farmer located at 77 Irving Place, just east of the Union Square Farmer’s Market between 18th and 19th streets.

Friend of a Farmer is an amazing breakfast restaurant in New York. I didn’t have a chance to eat there for lunch or dinner, but from what I experienced at breakfast, I could easily recommend Friend of a Farmer for a meal any time of the day. Friend of a Farmer gets a restaurant review rating of Bombastic; it is easily one of the best restaurants for breakfast in New York. (Click here to read a review of Bubby’s another one of my favorite places for breakfast in New York.)

What I liked: The pumpkin pancakes, the southwestern omelet, the decor

What I didn’t like: Service was a little slow at times

Rating: Bombastic

Friend of a Farmer address and telephone number:
77 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003

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