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George's at the Cove – La Jolla, CA

Worth visiting just for the view.


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George's at the Cove – La Jolla, California: Classy dining in California isn’t a tedious endeavor: one simply can’t get enough of the beautiful view of the Pacific while taking in a sumptuous midday meal that nourishes both body and soul. There’s just something about being in California that makes you feel laid back as you listen to the waves crashing down on the break.

I decided to have lunch over at George's at the Cove, which is a stunning multi-level restaurant overlooking the Pacific. I don’t think I need to tell you just how breathtaking the view is, but it quite certainly bears repeating: the view is gorgeous! The food was the usual fare of surf and turf dishes and was on the expensive side, but I’d say that the view alone justifies the cost of the entire meal. I also found the drinks to be less generous than expected, and the service wasn’t exceptional at all.

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It’s best to dine at the George's probably for lunch and before dinner in order to take in the splendor and glory of the Pacific. There’s nothing like having a good meal and indulging in a good conversation while overlooking the serenity of the West Coast’s pride. Removing the beautiful view, though, would make this restaurant unexceptional. I’m giving this a rating of Somewhere Between Bombastic and Not.

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