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Gramercy Park Hotel - New York, NY

Stellar Service, Dazzling Decor, Amazing Atmosphere


Gramercy Park Hotel - New York, NY: Located on Lexington Avenue on New York's East Side (across the street from Gramercy Park) is Gramercy Park Hotel a small, luxury boutique hotel that has received countless accolades for its décor and service. We had discussed visiting and reviewing it, but to be honest, I was skeptical of what I would experience when we stayed there. Could this small, luxury, boutique hotel in New York really live up to its high reputation? I had my doubts, but none-the-less, I visited their website, was impressed with what I saw and booked us a three nights in one of their Park Suites. Click here to see all 43 pictures of Gramercy Park Hotel

First Impression/Lobby: We were coming from London (click here to see our London hotel and restaurant reviews) on British Airways and arrived almost two hours later than expected, so by the time we made it to Gramercy Park Hotel it was almost 10 PM and we were exhausted from a day of traveling. However, when we got out of the taxi and were promptly greeted by the sharply uniformed doorman who welcomed us and showed us to the lobby we started to perk up. Once we entered the lobby, we were so blown away by the stunning décor. Our senses were in over-drive taking in the almost overwhelming beauty of the lobby.

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A huge chandelier hung from the tall ceiling. There were exposed wooden beams and support columns, arched ceiling alcoves, gorgeous tiled flooring with just as gorgeous red and gold patterned, super-sized area rugs, hefty paintings and my favorite part of the lobby, a great fireplace. To say I was impressed would be a major understatement.

Reception: Our check-in at Gramercy Park Hotel was quick and simple. The aloof attitude I was expecting at this small boutique hotel was nonexistent, instead I received a sincere, warm welcome. Almost instantly our registration was complete and we were on our way to our suite, a Park Suite.

The Suite: Suite 1604, a Park Suite, was to be our home for the next three nights. Comfortable elegance were the first words that came to mind when we entered. Finely finished oak hardwood floors throughout the suite peeked out from under large handmade area rugs (which matched the rugs in the lobby); the walls were painted in a calming, dark olive green and commanding red, ceiling to floor drapes dressed up the old, wooden paned windows.

The suite’s living room had an old, wooden table centered in front of the olive colored couch, flanked by a wood and upholstered side chair at one end and matching chair at its side. The table was the perfect height for dining when using the chairs, but a bit too tall to be used when seated on the couch.

An antique looking rocking chair graced one corner of the room, artwork dotted the wall and unique light fixtures added to the eclectic look. Swinging glass and wood framed doors separated the living room from the suite’s bedroom.

The bedroom was small, but still had the comfortable feeling of the living room. The white linen covered bed, took up most of the space but there was still room for a long wood bench at the foot of the bed and an upholstered wingback chair in one corner. A standard sized closet in the other corner offered the only real storage in the room. Both the bedroom and living room had large windows that overlooked the hotel’s namesake, Gramercy Park.

The bathroom was tiny but somehow they were able to squeeze in a private toilet stall and an actually quite spacious, standalone shower; a single basin sink was squeezed in between them.

Room Service: As with most every five-star, luxury hotel in New York, the costs from the 24-hour Room Service were exorbitant ($31.00 for a hamburger) and they tacked on a $7.00 service fees plus and 18% gratuity on top of that is the tax. It just made it cost prohibitive to use more than once, especially when there are countless great restaurants all over New York. The order we did have, a burger and fries the night we arrived, was delivered on-time and presented in pure five-star fashion.

Housekeeping: The housekeeping staff at Gramercy Park Hotel was consistently thorough when servicing our suite during the day and performing the evening turndown service. The best part, they were invisible, never interrupting us to see if they could service the room. It was pure five-star service.

Concierge: We took advantage of the concierges at Gramercy Park Hotel by tapping into their apparent wealth of restaurant knowledge to find us a great breakfast restaurant (click here to read our review of Friends of the Farmer Restaurant) and an equally amazing Italian Restaurant (click here to read our review of Novita Italian Restaurant). Both concierges were professional and came up with their suggestions right off the top of their head; what a refreshment to deal with a concierge that is an actual professional. The quality of a concierges recommendations and their professionalism says a great deal about a hotel. The concierges at Gramercy Park Hotel were bombastic!

Restaurant: Gramercy Park Hotel has one Italian Restaurant, Maialino, a Roman-style trattoria and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have two famous bars, The Rose Bar and The Jade Bar. Both bars require reservations after 9PM, even if you are a hotel guest. Both bars are a sight to see; they are worth stopping tjust to see if you are on New York’s East Side. At night, the bars are candlelit and have an amazing atmosphere; they are easily some of the most unique bars in New York. (click here to see our pictures of The Rose Bar and The Jade Bar)

On the top floor of the hotel is The Private Roof Club and Garden, a quiet get away from the busy streets of New York. The Club has a retractable roof that opens up and transforms the space into an outdoor café and bar. I didn’t have the opportunity to experience the Roof Club and Garden with the roof open, but even with the roof closed, the restaurant is fascinating and magical. (click here to see our pictures of The Private Roof Club and Garden)

Pool/Spa/Activities: No luxury hotel would be complete without a gym and spa and Gramercy Hotel Park does not fail to deliver. Aerospace is their state of the art, 24-hour fitness center and Aerospace is their spa which offers massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and personal spa treatments.

Check-Out: Similar to our registration, our check-out and departure were just as carefree. Our bill was completely accurate with no miscellaneous or random charges to question (a pet peeve of mine); so just a couple signatures and we were on our way.

Overall Impression: Our stay at Gramercy Park Hotel in New York was stellar. From arrival to departure, the hotel and the hotel staff never failed to impress. The unique beauty and elegance of the hotel ,plus the superior service garner Gramercy Park Hotel in New York our rating of bombastic.

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