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Il Mulino Italian Restaurant - Las Vegas, NV | Restaurant Review

Il Mulino did not live up to its reputation


Restaurant Category : Italian

Il Mulino Italian Restaurant - Las Vegas, NV: The Las Vegas branch of the Italian restaurant Il Mulino is located inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. The original Il Mulino is in Greenwich Village and was recognized by Zagat for 20 consecutive years as the best Italian restaurant in New York. Zagat has also rated the Las Vegas Il Mulino with "extraordinary to perfection" for its food and "very good to excellent" for its decor and service. Reservations are highly recommended at this restaurant.

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The Las Vegas Il Mulino has a rich and elegant decor. The dining area is luxuriously furnished with elegant wrought-iron chandeliers, plush velvet curtains, burgundy carpet, and dim lighting. Each table is beautifully set with fine china, crystal and stemware, and white table clothes. The tables were packed pretty close together. However, even with its elegant décor, Il Mulino in Las Vegas exuded a “casino” or shopping mall restaurant atmosphere.

The restaurant was very loud, with the tuxedo-clad waiters rushing around. I was informed by the head waiter that Il Mulino in Las Vegas prides itself in service, so I was excited for what was to come. Shortly after we were seated, complimentary appetizers were served to munch on as we looked at the menu. These consisted of warm bread, parmesan cheese, thinly sliced salami, spicy grilled artichoke and bruschetta.

Il Mulino in Las Vegas has an extensive wine list. We ordered glasses of Italian sparkling wine from their leather bound wine book to sip on. It was flat and I informed the waiter about the same. He grudgingly got us new glasses out of a newly opened bottle. Was this is the service he was referring to earlier?

The menu was extensive and had an overwhelming selection of Italian dishes like pasta, meat and fish. The biggest problem however was having to choose just one item from the menu. After much deliberation, I ordered the rack of lamb while my partner ordered the osso bucco (veal shank with bone marrow) with risotto. We also ordered a side of asparagus to share. The osso bocco was tender and juicy and perfectly prepared. The risotto was quite good as well.

My lamb, when it was served, was a pretty solid medium while I had ordered it to be medium rare. When I asked our waiter about this, he said, “yep, it looks like they seared it a bit”. The waiter did not offer to replace it. Again, is this the service he was referring to earlier? Since I didn’t want to wait another 15 minutes for my dinner, I continued on with this dish. Surprisingly, the lamb was very good, but it just wasn’t prepared the way I had ordered it to be.

For dessert, we ordered peanut butter ice cream and chocolate and asked our waiter to let us finish our wine before serving it. By this time, the restaurant had only a handful of diners and the staff was in high gear closing the restaurant. Our dessert was served a few minutes later. And yes, we still had wine left. Maybe this was the service that the head waiter had mentioned. I guess they were just in a hurry for us to leave. We got the hint and quickly finished our dessert and got out of the restaurant as fast as we could.

Overall, our visit to Il Mulino was about average and disappointing as our expectations were high. While the food was great, it neither did not match the restaurants reputation nor justified the high prices. Regarding the service, well, that was pretty much a failure. Our rating for Il Mulino in Las Vegas is Almost Not Bombastic.

What I liked: Nothing much

What I didn’t like: The high prices and the arrogant service

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not

Address and Telephone Number:
Il Mulino New York
Located in Caesars Palace
Forum Shops
3500 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: 702-492-6000
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