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Boston, MA

Boston, Massachusetts - Boston, Massachusetts located in Northeastern United States, is the capital of Massachusetts and its largest city.

One of the oldest cities in the United States and the biggest college town in the world, Boston is a cultural amalgamation of historical destinations, contemporary city life, and youthful energy. The city's architecture is a contrast of colonial-era buildings dating from the 18th and 19th century and of artistic modern high-rise buildings that unmistakably mark Boston’s Read More

Bernardus Lodge, Carmel Valley, California

Carmel, California - Carmel, California consists of Carmel-By-The-Sea and Carmel Valley, both a dwelling and destination for the upper-class.
Carmel-By-the-Sea used to been an artists’ colony where luminaries such as Ansel Adams, Sinclair Lewis, and Robert Louis Stevenson used to dwell. While its bohemian spirit is still felt in its art galleries, cafes, and quaint boutiques, Carmel-By-the-Sea has transformed into a playground and hotspot for the rich and famous. During weekends, the traffic can be unbearab Read More

Chicago, Illinois - Chicago, Illinois - Chicago is a city of stunning contrasts. It combines the highbrow with popular mass culture, an industrious spirit with the neat ability to party harder and chic, state of the art with the extremely austere. The city has always been in the spotlight of political action and has time and again basked in its moment of historical glory. Chicago’s fame is not just restricted to its personalities and political offices- it scores on the cultural and natural front as well with it Read More

Chen Chow in Birmingham

Detroit, Michigan - Detroit, Michigan is not exactly an obvious choice for a tourist destination. Dubbed as the “Motor City,” it is at least worth visiting for its local charm and historical relevance. Undoubtedly, Detroit has shaped American and global culture with its Motown sound, modern rock and techno acts, and automotive assembly line. Recently, however, with the economic recession and the automotive industry’s gargantuan collapse, Detroit is struggling to reclaim its image of a once booming city. Read More

One Trick Pony

Grand Rapids, Michigan - Grand Rapids, Michigan is located in Western Michigan and is the second largest city in the state. The larger Grand Rapids area has a population of over 600,000 but within the city limits, it is still relatively quaint by most standards, having a population of less than 200,000.
In addition to two luxury hotels, the Grand Rapids downtown, Cherry Street and surrounding areas are where one will find entertaining things to do; especially great and innovative restaurants, cafe Read More

Houston and Austin, Texas - Houston, the largest city in Texas, is the fourth largest city in the United States. While many would not think of Houston as a tourist destination, there are plenty of things to do and see while in town. And, since Houston is home to many Fortune 500 companies (only second to New York City), there is a plethora of restaurants and luxury hotels. We have just begun to explore all that Houston has to offer so take a look at our Houston hotel and restaurant reviews, and be sure to check Read More

City Center - Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada - Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada and one of the most unique cities in the world. Widely popularized in movies and TV programs, the image of Las Vegas with its neon lights, casinos, non-stop entertainment, luxurious hotels, over-flowing food and drinks, and over-the-top extravagance, is already familiar to most everyone. As a Las Vegas trip advisor, you will see from our Las Vegas reviews, the Las Vegas hotels and Las Vegas restaurants can be just as over-the-top. During our numerous trips t Read More

Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills

Los Angeles, California - Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are some of the most eclectic parts of California. From hip and trendy neighborhoods to the posh and ultra luxurious streets of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and the surrounding cities are a must visit for anyone visiting California or even those that are visiting the United States. LA offers an abundant array of luxury hotels and cool, chic restaurants, eateries and cafes. Visit our pages below for five-star and luxury hotel reviews and restaurant reviews for LA< Read More

Miami at night

Miami, Florida - Miami, Florida is located in the south of Florida and is one of its major cities. br> The Miami Metropolitan Area has a population of over 5.4 million people, making it the fourth largest urban area in the country, just after New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The economic inequality here is apparent, and the mix of cultures is considerable: a melting pot of Caribbean, Latin American, Asian and Jewish immigrants, as well as red-necks, pensioners, celebrities, trust-fund babies, wannabes and a fa Read More

Napa and Sonoma Valley, California - Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley, the heart of California's wine country is the home of numerous luxury resorts and an endless supply of restaurants. Read our travel reviews to see what the best hotel and best restaurant in Napa and Sonoma Valley are. Read More

New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana - New Orleans, LA Known for its non-stop Mardi Gras parties, jazz, Cajun food and its plethora of restaurants, New Orleans is the perfect get away city for a long weekend escape. New Orleans is also host to countless conference and meetings and with this brings conference goers from around the world. And because of this, the variety of New Orleans restaurants is almost as varied as visitors to this southern city. We found ourselves here for a short weekend and during our quick stay we had the chance to take in a Read More

View of Central Park in New York from Four Seasons Hotel

New York, New York - New York City, New York is home to countless luxury hotels and great restaurants. During our trips to New York, we have visited some of the best restaurants in New York as well as the best luxury hotels. We have restaurant reviews New York and hotel reviews New York on our pages below. Follow the links to find out which restaurants we think are the best restaurants in New York and which just did not live up to their hype! From our restaurant revie Read More

Northern Michigan - Northern Michigan Michigan is known to many as God’s country and nowhere else is that more true than Northern Michigan. With its endless coastlines, lakes and rivers, Northern Michigan is home to some of the most spectaculars landscapes, small hotels and unique restaurants, plus Mackinaw Island’s Grand Hotel. If you ever have a chance to visit this wondrous place, be sure to check our hotel reviews for Northern Michigan and book ahead as these places fill up fast. Read More

View from Four Seasons Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona - Phoenix, Arizona is the capital of Arizona and the largest metropolis in the Southwest, as well as the fifth largest city in the US. It is the economic, political, cultural, and transportation center of the region and as such, has a lot to offer in terms of first-class luxury accommodations, top notch restaurants, world-class golf, nonstop party scenes, and excellent shopping.
Situated in the Sonoran Desert at an elevation of 1100 feet, Phoenix enjoys (or suffers) 300 days of sunshine a ye Read More

San Diego, California - San Diego, California is a modern city that retains a resort feel with its mild climate and 70 miles of beautiful sandy coastline. Home to the Pacific Fleet of the United States Navy, San Diego used to be defined by a culture of military retirees in khakis and plaid, and a heritage built around sailing. In the past years, however, San Diego has boomed into a world-class metropolis of skyscrapers, high-rise buildings, and commercial activities, but amazingly, without losing its Great Outdoors ap Read More

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, California - San Francisco restaurants and San Francisco luxury hotel reviews can be found in the pages below. If you have ever been to San Francisco, you know that there are a ton of San Francisco restaurants. Every type of cuisine can be found in the various San Francisco restaurants. You name it and you can find a restaurant to meet your needs and taste, sushi, Italian, Thai, Korean, French, Seafood… the list just goes on and on. When it comes to San Francisco Hotels you will find the same large variety. From Read More

Simpson House Inn in Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara, California - Santa Barbara, California is located less than a hundred miles from Los Angeles and is a favorite luxury vacation spot for the Southern California’s upper crust. Dubbed as the “American Riviera,” Santa Barbara has perfect temperate climate and a lush natural landscape, being situated between the beautiful Pacific beaches and the gorgeous Santa Ynez Mountains.
Santa Barbara is known for its Mission-style architecture; there is a log-standing ordinance that all commercial construction sho Read More

Washington, DC - Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States of America and was specifically planned and designed to house the federal government. Formally known as the District of Columbia, it is not a part of any state. The White House, the assigned residence of the U.S. president, is located in Washington and is its most famous landmark. Every year, millions of tourists flock Washington to visit its cultural centers, historical landmarks and museums, and beautiful architecture and landscapes.
Read More