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JW Marriott - Grand Rapids, Michigan - Luxury Hotel Review

5 Star Building, 3 Star Service


JW Marriot - Grand Rapids, Michigan: Grand Rapids is a city in the Midwestern state of Michigan. Like any good American college state, Michigan is host to numerous educational institutions and sports teams. Grand Rapids is also host to the JW Marriot, one of the many in the company's international chain of hotels.

As you would expect, the Marriot has an awesome interior and great welcome service. We were immediately given access to our room after a very prompt check in, and our bell hop was kind enough to make sure we were also satisfied with our room.

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We had a nice room, no doubt about that. But when our bellhop left that's when we noticed all the things that were wrong about the room. There weren't any complimentary slippers (as is the custom with luxury hotels), and one robe didn't even have a belt! Though minor frustrations, you wouldn't think that a hotel of this caliber would miss out on those things. I even had to call housekeeping twice just to get our bags up to our room.

Good room service always brings a smile to my face, and so I ordered a club sandwich. When it came, I noticed it had a despicable, fishy smell to it which shouldn't be the case with this meal, so I complained. Room service graciously provided us with a complimentary breakfast for this mishap, but I noticed later on that we were still billed for the club sandwich!

Continuing on this trend of disappointment, housekeeping was terrible. Their turn down service was bad, they didn't hang our robes; they didn't even empty the trash! I wasn't exactly sure anymore that I was staying in a luxury hotel because of their horrible housekeeping.

For the lack of attention to detail in amenities as well as the sub-par food and poor housekeeping, I'm giving this hotel a rating of somewhere between Bombastic and Not.

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