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Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas, NV

Unorganized, Uncaring, Old and Worn


Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas, Nevada: Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino is located at the south end of the Strip—a bit remote from the shopping malls, main attractions and novel entertainments that Las Vegas is known for. For those who wish to be at the epicenter of the Vegas experience, this may be a flaw, but for those who wish for a little repose from the commercial, this may be an attractive feature. Mandalay Bay is in the same class as five-star resorts Bellagio, Wynns, MGM Grand and Venetian, a bit pricey, quite stylish on the grand scale, yet still whimsically Las Vegas.

First Impression/Lobby: Over 20 check-in stations at the lobby and still the place was overflowing with people! Six lines were open but there was no organization or order as to what was going on. It was all a confusing mess that all my enthusiasm for admiring or appreciating the interiors of the hotel was deflated. The experience was similar to being an out-of-luck refugee in an airport during the holidays. On top of that, the bellman gave us an attitude as if he were upset that we had bags. Unbelievable!

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Reception: After waiting in line for almost half an hour we finally made it to the front desk. Once there, the less-than-friendly, almost robotic front desk clerk checked us in and gave us a very, very brief overview of what the hotel had to offer. It would have made no difference if they simply played back a recording of their welcome protocol and used machines instead of people; maybe that way the line would have been faster and the service more efficient. Needless to say, their service was that impersonal and commercial! The Mandalay gave us a first impression of unbelievably poor service.

The Suite: We booked a 750 GR suite, which stands for Great Room Suite. Ironically, it is not great, it is not large, and it is not a suite—it is small! Plus it smells like an ashtray.

Fortunately, the décor is bearable—contemporary and tasteful with a green and purple theme. It had a king-sized bed with a purple and beige bedspread and lime green pillows, a nice break from the standard white linens you see in so many luxury hotels. There was also a funky couch, desk, mini-bar, flat screen TV, and two end tables. Overall, the room was showing a lot of wear and tear; there were scratches on the desk and the carpet was looking worn.

The bathroom was perhaps the most luxurious part of the “suite” with its marble flooring, dual marble vanities, a big Jacuzzi soaking tub, a separate shower, toilet, and a mounted in-wall TV.

The room was not equipped with robes and slippers but when I called Housekeeping they did bring them to us.

Room Service: Room service was surprisingly fast, but only in the beginning. We decided to eat in for breakfast, and had an easy time contacting room service to place an order. We were told that the order would take 45 minutes, but they actually delivered it in half that time. The gentleman from room service set up our breakfast wonderfully, complete with a table, china, napkins, and silverware. He did a nice presentation.

But the wonderful experience ended just as fast as when I called to have our table removed, 2 hours later it was still in our room. Moreover, we were overcharged for what we ate and it took me three separate phone calls just to get it resolved.

Housekeeping: Housekeeping did a fair job but not up to the level of a five-star luxury hotel. From the untouched clothing on the couch and the dirty glasses left from breakfast, it was easy to tell they did the bare minimum.

Restaurant: There are many dining options at the Mandalay Bay including an Italian Trattoria, a New York franchise restaurant, a Chinese-Cantonese restaurant, a Steak House, an all-American restaurant, a Mexican Grill, a House of Blues, and a 24-hour coffee shop with a view of the beach.

Pool/Spa/Activities: Like any other Las Vegas Hotel, the Mandalay Bay offers endless entertainment options including three lounges, a sports center with a capacity of 12,000 spectators, a Broadway theater, and numerous live bands and entertainment.

Their pool complex, like their lobby is jam-packed with people. It is designed like a beach complete with white sand, artificial waves, tropical landscaping, and waitresses in bikinis. One of the pools is exclusively for “adults only” where those who dare go topless can bask in the sun.

Overall Impression: Unorganized, uncaring, old and worn looking, our stay at Mandalay Bay was Not Bombastic.

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