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Masala Spices of India - San Diego, CA

One Indian Restaurant I'm Sure I Won't Visit Again!


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Masala Spices of India - Gaslamp Quarter - San Diego, California: The décor of Masala is extremely, chic and trendy but the food and to a degree, the service, was an absolute let down.

I ordered the Butter Chicken, with the meat still on the bone. The portion, three large pieces, was more than adequate but all I tasted was spicy hot, not the beautiful spices I normally find a good Indian restaurant.

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My dinner mate's dish, Chicken Tikka Masala was just as tasteless but a much smaller portion. For the prices they charge ($22.00 - $25.00 for our entrées $6.95 for one small order of Saffron Rice), we surely did not get our monies worth.

Service was adequate at best. Had the food and service measured up to the décor, I would easily have given Masala a rating of Bombastic but it didn't, so I can't.

Based upon my disappointing experience, Masala Spices of India gets a rating of Not Bombastic. Save your money and look elsewhere in the Gaslamp district, the options are endless.

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