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Megu Restaurant - New York, NY

Disappoining Experience at Megu


Restaurant Category : Bar, Japanese

Megu Restaurant - New York: Chic and trendy dining in a true New York hotspot is what you get at Megu Restaurant - New York.

I visited Megu NY on a Thursday night and as recommended, I had made reservations in advance, as this hotspot fills up quickly. Arriving at Megu Restaurant just a few minutes before my 8:30 reservation they directed us to the lounge, as our table was not quite ready. This seems to be the status quo for most of the hot restaurants in New York and I have come to expect it, but in this case, the host's tone and attitude surely made me feel unwelcome. I do not think I will ever understand how restaurants, on one hand want you to come give them your money, but at the same time, make you feel like you are an intruder or nuisance at their establishment, but I digress.

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We headed to the chic lounge and grabbed a seat; there were plenty available. There were only about ten people in the lounge. Still, with it being slow, the service was even slower. The music, which was nice, continually went from nice background music to blaring and too loud, and then back again, all during the same song. It seemed as if it was the DJ's first night at the controls. Needless to say, the experience in the lounge was not bombastic. To top it off, the time in the lounge went on forever. Finally, after about forty minutes of waiting (and waiting on ourselves) we went to check on the status of the table only to be told 'just a few more minutes'. Another five or ten minutes went by and someone came to get us to show us to our table. We were not off to a good start at Megu Restaurant.

On the walk through maze of multi-level walkways gave us the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Megu Restaurant. Trendy and chic, with an Asian flare made us feel like we were about to be wowed with something special. The dining room's centerpiece, a five-foot ice sculpture of Buddha, just reinforced just how stylish Megu was.

Shortly after being seated, the excitement we had for Megu NY quickly began to dissipate. The menu was not as impressive as their reputation would lead you to believe and the service was even lower down the impressive scale.

They offered a decent selection of sushi and sashimi, but when it came to unique rolls or specialty items, the menu was lacking. The food itself was about as average as it could be without being considered boring and mundane. It was obvious the fish was not fresh, nor was the eel, scallops or octopus. The rice too left me uninterested and uninspired.

Service was two steps away from being bad. It was the waiter's first or second night and it was clear that he had not worked in a sushi restaurant before and that Megu Restaurant does not train their staff. There is a big difference between an Italian menu and a Sushi menu. It would have been nice if our waiter knew the difference. In addition, if he did not know the correct answer to our questions about the menu, he should have asked for assistance, not made the answers up as he went along. Overall, he did nothing but distract from the evening.

Yes, Megu Restaurant has a good reputation; however, based on my experience, it is over-rated and disappointing.

A place like Megu NY has a lot of potential, but they need many improvements before they rank as Bombastic in my book. Our rating for Megu Restaurant in New York is a disappointing between bombastic and not.

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