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Milk & Honey – Santa Barbara, California

Chic and Trendy Hot Spot


Restaurant Category : Tapas/Small Plates

Milk & Honey – Santa Barbara, California:
One of the fashionable and happening restaurants in Santa Barbara, Milk and Honey is frequented by the young and “in” crowd, mostly college students with money to spare (prices are high in Santa Barbara standards) and twenty to thirty-something hipsters. While it attracts the trendy crowd, the restaurant has a smart and sophisticated look to the point of looking low-key and relaxed. It is the kind of place that you would want to start or end an evening of fun, but not actually the place to stay in for an all-night party experience.

The service was adequate, prompt and courteous, but not really friendly. Being first-time customers, less attention were given to us compared to their, I would guess, loyal clientele. You had the feeling that the patrons were a loose community of people, frequenting the restaurant on scheduled days; the wait staff was familiar with them enough to know what drinks they wanted to order. Still, their service was accommodating enough to make us not feel like an outsider.

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Their food was innovative and exciting, as exciting as their young and hip crowd—a fusion of Spanish, American, and Latin American! You go here to indulge and that was what we did—from their mouthwatering mushroom caps filled with beef chorizo and covered with manchego cheese, their absolutely refreshing and sumptuous avocado hummus and romesco sauce with garlic bread, and their rich and delicious seafood paella. To cap off the night, we had a White Chocolate Lavender Martini that was absolutely decadent. This place was Bombastic!

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