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Mix Restaurant - Las Vegas, NV

Disappointing Dinner High Atop Mandalay Bay


Restaurant Category : American (New), French, Lounge

Mix in Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV: Located high atop The Hotel at Mandalay Bay, Mix Restaurant is an elegant and award-winning fine dining option that is as much known for its signature dishes inspired by old-fashioned eateries in Paris and Monte Carlo as for its stunning view of the shimmering Las Vegas Strip. Classic French and American cuisine with eclectic twists finds its way on your table along with a neat collection of New and Old World wines. Mix has been awarded with a Michelin Star in both 2008 and 2009, a “Best Restaurant” award by Travel+Leisure Design in 2006, a Mobil Four Star rating in 2008 and an AAA Four Diamond Award for two consecutive years.

Mix is easily the most gorgeous restaurant in Las Vegas and offers some amazing views (if you are lucky enough to be seated at a table by a strip view window). The food though is less than impressive and that comes as a surprise since one would expect much more from a restaurant that is the vision of Alain Ducasse, one of culinary world’s most well-known chefs.

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Appetizers range from lobster Caesar salad and chicken and coconut Thai soup to shrimp cocktail and spicy crab salad, and from the restaurant of Alian Ducasse in Paris and Monte Carlo, tender potato gnocchi with pumpkin and bacon, and Japanese sea bream sashimi.

The main dishes comprise four seafood dishes; seared scallops, roasted barramundi, slow cooked salmon and prawn crusted halibut and four meat/poultry options; beef tenderloin, surf and turf of lobster and chicken, Colorado rack of lamb and roasted duck breast, plus the Alain Ducasse classics of roasted lobster, pork loin and striped bass.

We started with the chicken and coconut Thai soup and the shrimp cocktail. The soup was average and did nothing to excite us about the rest of the meal. It wasn’t any different from the innumerable ones I’ve sampled at several Thai and Asian restaurants around the world. The shrimp cocktail was a huge disappointment. It was smothered with horseradish and spicy tomato syrup, making me feel like I was digging through a massive wreckage of tomato sauce in search of survivors; it was simply ridiculous.

For our main course we had the Roasted Maine lobster “au Curry”, with coconut basmati rice and Colorado rack of lamb, Japanese eggplant and tomato along with a side of crushed potatoes ($9.00). Again the Thai dish was on the same lines as a typical upscale Thai restaurant. At $54.00, it was hugely overpriced (we consoled ourselves by rationalizing that we were in part paying for the ambiance). The lamb was nice. Amazing? No, but good. Was it worth the $46.00? Well again I had to take recourse in the atmosphere. Sadly, the potatoes were the best part of the dinner; so you get the picture, the food was far from amazing.

The wine list was superb, as one would expect at a fine dining restaurant like The Mix in Las Vegas. There was a good mix of New and Old World wines. Pretty Impressive.

For dessert we dug into a homemade candy bar and an apple millefeuille (puff pastry). The candy bar was a nice little imaginative treat; however the apple millefeuille was simply lackluster.

Service throughout dinner was exceptional - attentive, non-intrusive and never rushed or overbearing; in short, quite fitting for a fine dining restaurant of Mix’s caliber. Our efficient server David took excellent care of us.

The ambiance is extremely stylish and sophisticated with pleasant white infused stockades and furniture. The artfully designed décor features imposing pillars with some dramatic formations in the center along with expensive-looking chandeliers and other opulent yet understated accessories that come across as grand without appearing flashy.

One note regarding the atmosphere, this is a high-end, fine dining restaurant with a dress code of “Business/Smart Casual” so we dressed accordingly expecting this policy to be strictly enforced but it seemed like they weren’t interested in maintaining their policy or a fine dining feel. T-shirts, sweatshirts and even sweat pants were highly in vogue that night. I can safely say that it took the atmosphere from elegant and eloquent to a night out at Friday’s or Applebee’s.

Overall, our experience at Mix Restaurant in Las Vegas was hugely disappointing and way off the mark from the expectations that we arrived with. When you dine at a high-end fine dining restaurant by paying a bomb and all the good things you can say about the restaurant revolve around the décor (not even the atmosphere, mind you), the view (when we headed over to take a look, our table didn’t even garner one), the service and the crushed potatoes, you know that just isn’t saying anything flattering about the place.

Would I visit Mix in Las Vegas again? No. Do I recommend it? Only for the décor and the view. It’s safe for an early evening bite but sadly, nothing beyond that. My favorite fine dining restaurant in Las Vegas is still Aureole (click here to read our review of Aureole) at Mandalay Bay. Be sure to check out the Mix night club though. That is worth a visit!

What I liked: The elegant décor, the impeccable service and the crushed potatoes

What I didn’t like: the over-priced and regular tasting food and the casual atmosphere.

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not

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