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Okada Japanese Restaurant at Wynn - Las Vegas, NV

Gorgeous Atmosphere, So-So Food


Restaurant Category : Japanese, Sushi

Okada Japanese Restaurant at Wynn – Las Vegas, NV: A stone pathway surrounded by trees leads to Okada, a modern fusion Japanese restaurant located at the luxury Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. At the end of the restaurant are large windows that overlook a huge and gorgeous waterfall. Lit up at night, it becomes the focal point of the restaurant. Warm woods, bamboo, tatami seating, papyrus accents, a Zen garden with a fountain and fishpond provide for elegant and tranquil dining. Large lantern light fixtures drop from the ceiling and add a tinge of romance. Lounge, jazz and occasional pop music is played overhead creating a lively but not too loud atmosphere.

We asked our concierge at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for some sushi Las Vegas recommendations, and he immediately suggested Okada to us. We made dinner reservations via our concierge and were informed that the dress code was elegant casual (no shorts, tennis shoes, slippers), and no children allowed. We got to the restaurant and easily fell in love with the minimal but gorgeously elegant interiors.

As can be expected from a five-star hotel restaurant, the prices were quite high ($30 per roll!). But we were famished for some sushi that night and decided to splurge. We ordered the Sashimi Plate, Dragon Roll, Tiger Roll, Rainbow Roll, Soft Shell Crab Roll, Sea Urchin, and Unagi Sushi.

The Sashimi Plate consisted of two pieces each of chu tuna, salmon, yellow tail, and albacore. The pieces were nice sized, but the taste and texture were far from divine, especially considering its lofty price tag. Some of the tuna was so cold, it was evident it had just recently been thawed. The texture of the salmon was soft and lacked the fresh and silky feeling that comes from great salmon.

The Dragon Roll consisted of barbecue eel, snow crab, cucumber and avocado. It was the best tasting of all the rolls we ordered, but somehow it was still lacking a punch. The barbecue eel was too overpowering that I did not get to enjoy the flavor of the snow crab. For $30, I was expecting a lot more.

The Rainbow Roll, which consisted of snow crab, cucumber and avocado, topped with assorted sashimi, was the second best roll for me after the Dragon Roll, (this time I can really taste the snow crab), but again, not worth the price. The Tiger Roll—shrimp tempura and avocado roll topped with assorted sashimi—was so disappointing and unappetizing that we left it almost untouched. The Soft Shell Crab Roll was dry and dull. My dining partner and I each had a couple pieces and left the rest. The Sea Urchin was definitely not top quality while the Unagi Sushi was decent at best.

The wine list was well rounded and had something for everyone’s budget and taste, and the sake list was just as good. We went with a nice bottle of Kubota sake, which went well with our not so spectacular sushi spread. We ended dinner with a delicious dessert of Candied Ginger Nougat with a few fresh berries, which was probably the best part of the dinner. Service was very attentive, and right on track with a high-end or five-star luxury restaurant standard.

The chic décor and elegant atmosphere in Okada Japanese Restaurant at the Wynn Hotel was quite impressive, but the food lacked freshness, creativity and in some cases, even taste, which is inexcusable for a five-star restaurant. We therefore give it a rating of Between Bombastic and Not.

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What I liked: Chic décor and elegant atmosphere

What I didn’t like: High price, unimpressive food

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not

Address and Telephone Number:
Okada Japanese Restaurant
Address: 3131 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, 89109 (Inside Wynn)
Telephone: 702-770-3463
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