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Paradise Cafe - Santa Barbara, California

Definately not one of the best places in Santa Barbara


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Paradise Cafe - Santa Barbara, California: A small café just a few blocks away from the main street in Santa Barbara, the Paradise Café is a decent place to stop by for a quick lunch after a day of shopping in nearby State Street. The restaurant has an outdoor patio, perfect for dining al fresco or simply enjoying watching people pass by. The restaurant inside is cozy with a quaint ambiance.

We got there around 11 a.m., still a bit early for lunch and a bit too late for breakfast. We sat outside the patio and called the waitress. She gave us the menu with a warm and welcoming smile.

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As it was brunch, I ordered plain waffles and an omelet. My dining partner ordered a mussel pasta salad and the restaurant’s signature, Paradise Burger. My omelet was tasty enough and there was nothing to complain about, except that I could have cooked that kind of omelet myself. In short, it was nothing out-of-the-ordinary to leave home for. The waffles were also delicious but not exceptionally delicious. Any breakfast food chain serving waffles could satisfy me as much.

Their Paradise Burger was mouth-watering just by the looks of it. It was topped with cheddar cheese, Bermuda onion and beefsteak tomato. The taste was even better—the meat was oozing with juices and was seasoned just right, bringing out the natural flavor of the beef. Their mussel pasta salad however was a big disappointment. The pasta itself seemed like it was cooked a day before and the dressing needed more salt.

Over-all the prices were reasonable for the food they served and the service was decent enough. While this is a nice place for something quick and casual, Santa Barbara has far more nicer restaurants worthy of your time. If you live in Santa Barbara or somewhere near, then it would be fine to try out the Paradise Café. But if you’re there for a limited time, you will be missing out on some other great opportunities in town. I rate the Paradise Café between bombastic and not.

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