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Restaurant at L'Auberge Hotel - Carmel, CA

Surpassing All Our Expectations


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Aubergine Restaurant at L'Auberge Hotel - Carmel, California: The Aubergine Restaurant at L’Auberge Hotel has been getting a lot of rave reviews so I simply had to try it out myself. I must say all the talk about this quaint European-influenced, Californian restaurant is no exaggeration.

With only 12 tables, you must get a reservation months before you actually plan on eating here. The décor is warm and elegant, definitely a place for a romantic dinner or an intimate celebration. While the restaurant was small, the wine cellar was impressively extensive, stocked with more than 4,500 wines from all over the world! The menu worked around fresh ingredients and natural produce. Most of the dishes were simple yet marked with an intuitive, almost rtistic character, with the ultimate goal of bringing out the natural flavors of the main ingredient.

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We had a Four Course menu which started with a Sweet White Corn pudding (soup) with Lobster. It was creamy, smooth and full of flavor. For appetizers we had the Zucchini blossom & Goat cheese and Potato & Dungeness crab. Again, both were simply divine. Dinner was Swiss chard and Kobe beef (white Swiss chard ragout, beurre rouge, bordelaise jus, wagyu top sirloin). My dinner partner for the night had English Peas & Lamb (English peas, parsnips "fries", braised lamb shank, roasted lamb loin).

After dinner we had a course of cheeses, raisin bread and local fruits. We didn't have much room left so we split a Strawberry comfits, shiso ice cream, orange blossom milk and toasted brioche. Our wine was a Paul Hobbs Hyde Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley—it was a great compliment to an impeccably marvelous dinner! Truly, the Aubergine Restaurant was Fantastic Bombastic! Now if their hotel could just live up to this level!

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