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Restaurant Charcuterie - Healdsburg, (Sonoma Valley) CA

Casual Home-style Dine-in with Mouthwatering Dishes.


Restaurant Category : French

Restaurant Charcuterie – Healdsburg, Sonoma County, CA - Exploring Napa Valley was a job well enjoyed. The different cuisine and the amazing wine tasting spree brought out the spirit of the ‘foodie’ in us. One day dawned on us overcast, dreary and wet. We decided to liven things up with a long drive to explore the terrain for a new place to lunch at. We arrived at Healdsburg in Sonoma County well after the usual lunch hours and found most restaurants already closed. But then we stumbled upon an absolute find; Restaurant Charcuterie.

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Initial Inkling: The best cure for a gloomy rainy day is some good food and drinks. And Restaurant Charcuterie proved to be the perfect find. It had a real homely atmosphere. Dark wooden beams framing the ceiling, pristine white walls and tall frame windows flanked by deep toned venetian blinds, casual table seating with frame backed chairs and cushion seats, an endearing chalkboard listing the specials of the day, warm yellow lights adding a golden hue to the ceiling; the aura of relaxing in a cheerful French pantry with smells of good food wafting in definitely turned the mood of the day. The vast selections of wine on display added to enhancing the mood.

The Food: The food was simply scrumptious. We started with the Potato soup and Split Pea soup. They were rich in texture, aromatic and full of the right flavors blending in together. I chose a fuseli pasta with sun dried tomatoes sprinkled with a liberal amount of herbs for my main portion. The quantity and quality of food is to be noted here. A definite plus when compared to other restaurants in California. Big portions, generous in ingredients cooked to perfection. The menu consisted of an appetizing array of French food with a wide selection of entrees, wines and local cheeses. It was French cuisine at its charming best.

For desert I chose a delicious sounding lemon-strawberry cupcake. This was definitely not a desert meant for just one person, however sweet-toothed you may be. A gigantic and totally delectable cupcake, too big for me to handle right after my big meal was served to me and so I decided to parcel it back with me.

The Calculated Impression: The quaint, casual charm of Restaurant Charcuterie with its hardwood floors and mouthwatering food appealed to us completely. The small bar was cozy and casual and the seating was mostly intimate tables with just 2 chairs. A place for a nice quiet conversation, good food and a few rounds of drinks. While we don’t normally rate such a casual restaurant as Bombastic, we must say that Restaurant Charcuterie deserves the rating.

What I liked: The atmosphere of the place, the truly relaxed air it lent to its customers and the amazing food and portions offered. And all this at affordable prices.

What I didn’t like: While the number of the limited seating might offer an intimate aura, it could definitely be a set back to the restaurant which should seat more people.

Rating: Bombastic.

Address and Telephone Number:
Restaurant Charcuterie
335 Healdsburg Ave.
Healdsburg CA 95448
Tel: (707) 431-7213

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